WhatsApp IP Protect feature learn how to enable it


WhatsApp has recently introduced a new privacy enhancement known as “IP Protect.” This feature effectively conceals your IP address from other participants during WhatsApp calls. Instead of facilitating direct connections between your devices, the calls are now routed through WhatsApp servers. This added layer of security makes it considerably more challenging for others to pinpoint your exact location.

Currently, the IP Protect feature is accessible to a select group of users, with plans for a wider rollout in the near future. Recently, they also released a feature to use two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile.

Here are some key advantages of utilizing the IP Protect feature:

  1. Enhanced Privacy: IP Protect safeguards your privacy by concealing your IP address from other participants in WhatsApp calls.
  2. Location Anonymity: It makes it harder for others to trace your geographical location.
  3. Security Boost: This feature provides an extra level of security to your WhatsApp calls.

If you’re interested in bolstering your privacy, you can easily enable the WhatsApp IP Protect feature by following these steps:

How to Enable IP Protect on WhatsApp:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile device.
  2. Access the Settings:
    • For Android: Look for the three dots in the upper right corner.
    • For iPhone: Find the “Settings” option, typically located at the bottom right.
  3. Tap on “Privacy.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Advanced” section.
  5. Select “Protect IP address in calls.”
  6. Toggle the switch to activate the feature.

Once this feature is enabled, your IP address remains hidden from the recipients of your WhatsApp calls, making it more challenging for them to track your location. It’s important to note that activating this feature may slightly impact the call quality since your calls will be rerouted through WhatsApp servers, rather than establishing direct connections between your devices.

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In conclusion, enabling the WhatsApp IP Protect feature is a simple way to enhance your privacy during calls. By concealing your IP address, it adds an extra layer of security and makes it more challenging for others to track your location. Though activating this feature might affect call quality slightly, the benefit of increased privacy and security is significant.

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