How to allow only selected device to connect to Your WiFi network

How to allow only selected device to connect to Your WiFi network

You might have come across situation when multiple devices shared a WiFi network and you don’t get the speed that is required at time. So, for you here we have come up with some steps that let you do the setting to allow only selected device to connect to your WiFi network.

After, following these steps you will be allowing only your personal devices to be connected to your WiFi network and all another device will not get connected to the WiFi network although if they have the password too.

Steps To Allow Selected Devices To Connect to WiFi:

Step 1. First connect to WiFi network through your PC. Then enter the router’s IP address in web browser. The router’s IP address will be either or by default. However, you can find the router’s IP Address either by checking back side of your router or by entering ipconfig command in CMD.

Step 2. Now enter the username and password of your router connection there.

Step 3. Go to router settings. Select security -> Wireless access controls -> Exceptions. And, click on choose device List to open the Wireless Card Access List.

Step 4. Now click on choose devices (if it already connected) or add manually. You need to add the device details (MAC address and name of a device) for which you want to allow Wi-Fi access and click checkbox -> apply -> install.

Step 5. You can get the MAC address of your iphone in Settings -> General -> About. And in PC, you can find it in by entering config /all in CMD and note down the Physical address.

Getting MAC address from PC using config/all command in CMD.

Step 6. Now save the settings and restart the router.

That’s it! you are done, Now only the selected device will be allowed to connect to the wifi network.

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