What is High Level and Low Level Programming Language?

High Level Programming Language and Low Level Programming Language

When you want to have a career in Information Technology as a programmer you look for Programming Languages that are in demand in the IT companies. While, doing the search you come across the term High Level Programming Language and Low Level Programming Language. Do you know what is the difference between them and what does it mean? Here in this article I am going tell you What are High Level Programming Languages and Low Level Programming Languages means and how to choose which one is best?

But, before we proceed with understanding the definition, want to clarify that there is actually no specific qualifying criteria. Like I am a java programmer and c seems like a low level programming language to me where as Ruby seems like a high level programming language.

First understand Machine code

The main difference between high level and low level programming is abstraction to the machine code. Machine code contains the individual instructions passed to a computer and represented in binary as machines deal only in numbers. That’s why writing directly in machine code is possible, but very difficult.

The operations in machine code needs to be specified exactly. Like in machine code if a piece of information needs to be find, the binary instruction should tell the computer exactly where to find it in the memory.

Low Level Programming languages

The Low-level programming languages are actually a declarations that uses a bit of abstraction to the machine code. As, the machine code is actually hidden behind the instructions the low level language are easily readable. The lowest low level language is Assembly languages that is just next to machine code. The most popular low level programming language is C, as most of operations that are written in C uses less machine code instruction and thus runs very fast.

So, if you want to write a program that should run at high speed like Kernel or Operating System. The right choice is low level programming language. Since, most of the Operating systems like Windows and Linux are written in C, Objective – C and C++.

High-Level Programming Languages

The high-level programming languages covers a broad spectrum of abstraction. Languages like Python and Ruby are much easier to write and read. In high programming languages objects, variables, loops, routines etc. are important concepts that let machine to do lots of things with minimum statement.

If, you want to work on Web applications then your right choice should be high level programming language. There are many other easy programming languages for Beginners like C#, swift, JavaScript and Databases like SQL that are that mainly used to develop modern apps.

Difference between High and Low Level Programming Language

The low level programming languages has a nearly one-to-one correspondence between its commands and machine code commands. Where, a high-level language can use just one single line of code to send several multiple commands to machine code.

Popular Low level and High Level Programming languages in ascending order:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Perl
  • Lisp
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SQL

Which is better Language?

Actually there is no straight forward answer to the question which is better a low level programming language or a high level programming language. Because, of the languages have their own benefits. Like Low-level languages gives lots of control of memory, data storage and retrieval and runs very fast as they need little interpretation by the machine.

Whereas, the High-level programming language are easy to read and write which let programmers become more efficient. But, the back drop is this language do not provide much control over low-level processes as the low level language.

But, I would suggest first understand what is Information Technology before you take IT as career. Because, based on my experience for the past 10 years in the IT industry with work experiences across UK, USA and India. I have seen so many IT engineers frustrated in their life, because of wrong choices they have made in the beginning of the career.

Do, let me know which language you prefer out of High Level Programming Language and Low Level Programming Language, and why in the comments section below.

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