What is Information Technology, must know before you take IT as career.

What is Information Technology

Around the world, the Information Technology (IT) is one of the most sought industry by the people, and most of the students who want to pursue graduation want IT as their stream. But, few people actually know what IT is and what its discipline entails. Since the digital world is very tempting due to technology and the salary package, a lot of hype surrounds an IT job. Well, if you are one of them, you should ask yourself whether you are taking the right decision.

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Let’s take a look at the facts to understand the proper definition of Information Technology. I have been working in IT industry for the past 10 years and thus sharing my work experience here which I got working across UK, USA and India.

What Is Information Technology?

The organization uses computer to manage its information and the hardware and software that is required to accomplish this as part of IT division. If you are working in IT division it means you are working to support a business infrastructure.

We have categorized the disciplines that IT comprises of for specialization.

Software Development
All Programming jobs are part of software development that are titled as different positions in IT companies such as Software Engineer, Software Developer, Application Developer and computer programmer. But all these titles are liaised to the same job. In that case, you don’t have to bother about the job title particulars, as all involve the same general process: gathering requirement for the software, creating design and implementing the features.

Database Administrator
The job of a Database Administrator is to manage and oversee all database related work like installing and setting up a new database system or migrating it to a newer version. The good understanding of database is required for this job as it involves a lot of responsibilities because Databases hold an enormous amount of business data.

Systems Analyst
The role of System Analyst is to research and plan for upgrades to the company Information System for better efficiency. You need to communicate with various department to come up with a plan that would benefit the business by making IT system more efficient. This job requires to find pain points with current process, plan a new design and create an entire new workflow or write technical manuals to work with Software Developer and Database Administrator to develop new software for the business. They might survey employees to find the pain points with a current process, design a new one, and pass the diagrams of this onto the programmers designing a new application for those employees.

IT Security
The IT security is a very vast field which is growing explosively in the current market.  As computer have become the most important part of modern business to manage data, the malicious folks keep coming up with ways to steal information from the companies or affect the system by injecting virus into the system. The task surrounding an IT security job is to implement a  proper security software to actively scan for threats and keep the system safe from any virus or ransomware. It is not a boring job for sure as you will keep getting trouble and therefore you’ll need to keep your head cool and act smartly at times.

Network Administrator
Just as the name suggests, the Network Administrator will have to take care of a network in the IT department. The responsibility of job includes setting up networks for new business to maintaining existing networks. As a network administrator, you might need to setup a new VPN for another campus or any remote facility. This job will also keep you busy and the volume of work again depends on the growth of the company.

Help Desk Technician
I had to include the The Help Desk Technician department in Information Technology to clarify doubt for non-technical people who think that this is the job that IT professional does. However, the responsibility of this job is to support the IT professional in times of trouble. Say if their is some issue in the system such as the internet service is down or hardware like mouse or keyboard is not working properly, the help desk technician will jump into rescue. The people in this department should have good communication skills, familiarity with the operating systems and programs that an IT professional is using in the company.

You might have understood that IT is a broad field, so before you enter the college you should carefully choose the correct profession and do the specialization that suites you. You don’t have to be discouraged if you are not getting IT as a career as there are plenty of jobs for the people who don’t know on how to code!

Let us know your thoughts if I was able to clarify whether what Information Technology really is by commenting in the comment section below. Based on my experience I would feel happy to discuss and help you in case you have any doubt.

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