Do you know the taboos of wearing jade?

taboos of wearing jade

Jadeite is one of the most popular jade stones of Oriental women. It symbolizes their classic spiritual charm of them and gives people the indescribable grace and charm of custom cufflinks. But do you know the taboos when wearing them? If you don’t wear it well, it will bring disaster to you. Let’s take a look at the matters that need attention.

Here are the taboos related to wearing Jade

1. The jadeite that is worn all year round cannot suddenly take off

The jadeite that you wear all year round has already shared your fate with your breath because it gets along with your day and night. If there are no special circumstances, you must not easily take it down. Especially if you wear it from a young age, if you take it off suddenly, it will not only destroy the previous blessing effect of the jadeite custom birthstone rings here, but it may also damage your fortune.

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2. Cracked jade can not be worn

Try not to wear jade with other hard-colored gems together as much as possible. It is easy to collide with other hard-colored gems at the same time. It is easy to form small cracks inside the jade that are hard to see with the naked eye. If there are cracks on the jade birthstone necklaces, do not continue wearing it because you are reluctant. Cracks may be caused by your accidental collision, or they may be caused by disaster prevention.

3. Long-term exposure to oil fume

Jadeite is very taboo and greasy at high temperatures. If you are exposed to high-temperature open flames for a long time, it is recommended not to wear jadeite, because the transparency of the jadeite monogrammed necklace will be worse in the high-temperature environment for a long time.

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4. Throw away the jade broken

If the jade bracelet we wear is broken, most people will choose not to wear it anymore and even throw it away. Such practices are inappropriate. Although jade is broken, its aura is still able to continue to protect its wearer. If the jadeite engraved necklace is not seriously broken and can be repaired, you can choose to reprocess it. Gold inlay is a good choice. If it can not be repaired, wrap it up and put it away.

5. Don’t give away your own jadeite easily

Except for your family, the jadeite that you have worn for a long time cannot be easily given to others, which will affect you and the recipient. If you accumulate a lot of blessings cute necklaces, all these blessings will be brought to the recipient, and you will be unlucky. If your jadeite usually keeps you from suffering a lot, then these disasters will be transferred to the recipient.

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