Buying Used Farm Machinery

Buying Used Farm Machinery

You should always ensure that you get decent-quality items at relatively good prices when purchasing used farm equipment. While everyone looks to make the most out of their money, you should never allow low prices to distract you from the item’s true value.

If you have no idea of what you should look for, you may end up with farming equipment that’s more expensive than actually buying it new, either right now or in the near future. Making a checklist detailing the key things to look for will help you set a standard when making purchases.

Here is a list of some top tips and points to consider when purchasing used industrial equipment:

– Assess the condition of the equipment

– Explore the features

– Consider buying equipment with more features

– Assess the viability

– Avoid sticking to just one brand

– Do thorough research

If you follow these tips when purchasing used farm equipment, you will make better purchases for your farm, often at amazing prices.

Assess the Condition of the Equipment

While it might seem simple, it is always a good idea to properly examine equipment, checking that it is in an acceptable condition before making any purchase. You must always check thoroughly for any issues with major components; corrosion, cracks, obvious structural problems, and mechanical issues.

It is also important to check items for obsolescence. If it’s impossible to upgrade certain pieces of equipment, this should have an impact on the price, where relevant. If possible, you should also ask for a detailed inspection because this checks the equipment for any internal issues.

Explore the Features of the Equipment

When looking to buy used farm equipment, it is also important to ensure that any potential purchase offers all the features that you want. It can be difficult sometimes to find equipment that meets all your needs, some will only offer half the functions you want while others will have every other feature.

For instance, you should check the available attachments of used tractors because they determine how the tractor can be used, what it can be used for, and how useful it can be on your farm. Ensuring that the equipment comes with all the necessary features you need to run your farm is critical before even considering buying.

Consider Buying Equipment with More Features

Buying equipment with more features than you actually need might seem counterproductive, but it may end up working in your favor. While you should obviously never invest in something with an excessive number of unnecessary features; if an item has 1 or 2 popular, highly valued qualities that you don’t actually need, it might still be a good idea to make the purchase anyway.

Popular features have the potential to increase the item’s resale value should you decide to resell it in the future. This could mean getting more money as well as more interest in the item in case you sell off the equipment several years down the road.

Assess the Viability of Farming Equipment

Besides looking into the condition of the equipment and the various features it can offer before you make the purchase, it is also important to consider how viable it actually is to own the equipment. For instance, is there enough space for storage? What types of farms is the equipment suitable for? How will the equipment actually get to the farm? And once on the farm, it is easy to maintain.

Much of the decision process for any purchase can also come down to the local dealers. If you buy a certain brand’s item, you will want to ensure that dealers are available in your local area, so you never have to go out of your way just to get parts. You also need to ensure that you have the required type and category of insurance for any farm equipment you buy.

Avoid Sticking to Just One Brand

Local dealers may have an impact on the brands you ultimately choose, it is also important not to stick with a brand just for the sake of it. The goal is to get the most out of your money, so why stick to one brand when others offer the item you need at a lower price?

You can save significant sums of money by considering other brands. However, it is only the case if it has passed other tests on your checklists, such as the available features and its condition.

Do Thorough Research

Another tip that’s guaranteed to help you make the most of your purchase is researching the equipment and seeing what its current market value is across different brands and locations throughout the country.

It could be a good idea to check the asking price of various equipment online and compare them to the typical going rate at auction. Ultimately, doing proper research can ensure that you never pay more for an item than it’s actually worth and can help you identify the best deals, making your money go further.

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