Why are most of the IT engineers frustrated in their life?

Why are most of the IT engineers frustrated in their life

Thanks to my software engineer tag with my work experiences across UK, USA and India for the past 15 years in the IT industry, I believe that I can say few things on the question i.e. Why are most of the IT engineers frustrated in their life?

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Why are most of the IT engineers frustrated in their life?

1. Onsite Expectation:

Most of the IT Engineers hope to go to onsite the moment they start working on any project and any delay to this desire will cause them with immense frustration.

2. Team members:

There is a saying that every stone thrown might hit a Software Engineer. Well, it’s actually correct as every job aspirant out there wants to join the IT industry and earn in dollars very soon. These mass number of engineers who come to the limelight lack a main thing and that’s QUALITY. So as long as a team member or even the Manager is not fit for the job, it will certainly worsen things which eventually increases the frustration levels.

3. Less visibility of Work:

IT Engineers who work from offshore (within the company) have less visibility on the things that are carried out in the onsite. Though everyone is motivated to work from the heart, it could be tough sometimes to deliver and meet the deadlines as the requirements and other such aspects are not provided accurately.

4. Less research on companies:

Most of the IT Engineers do NOT do much research on what companies they want to join and WHY. This creates a lot of confusion as they just take the first job that starts paying money in their pockets. But, it is important to know that the Salary we get for the first time will decide the remaining benefits. Besides that, it’s also very tough to get increments and bonuses later. The best solution for this would be to change the company after you gain around 2 years of experience and trust me, it will help you to get a better salary. Otherwise there would not be much difference between SE and PM CTC, you know what I am saying.

5. Quality of work:

Throughout my career I have seen people joining the software companies with only the intentions related to coding or development. But, the fact is that if you are joining any Service Based companies such as the TCS, Infosys, HCL, Wipro etc. Trust me, you will be working only on fixing the bugs. So, if you want to write the code, try joining the Product based companies.

6. Appraisal process:

This reason occupies a place in every frustrated list of an IT professional by default. Because when a good hike or promotion is not obtained, people often tend to loose their mood.

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Consequences of frustration

And, sadly the consequences of these frustrations generate few characteristics in an IT engineer as follows:

• Life is all about swiping things left to right and vice-versa to top to bottom and vice-versa. These days, even swiping the main door allows us to enter the premises of a house.

• Keeps his office badge out of the sight to avoid Software Engineer Tax.

• When mom asks if he had dinner, he says yes and then boils Maggi.

• Now friend circle has been limited to ‘lunch buddies’ at office.

• Often appears for interviews to check his stagnant market value.

• Hard to find time to do mandatory works like buying grocery or washing clothes.

• Childhood friend lives at Houston, Texas, USA while he lives near the office.

• Became Blogger and writing blogs for inner satisfaction and to show talent. Yes, it brings some paisa (currently equals  1⁄100 of a rupee) everyday in the account.

I would love to know more reasons on Why most of the IT engineers are frustrated in their life. That way, I can update this list. So your comments on this subject are most welcome.
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