Two WhatsApp accounts; How to use in one mobile?

two whatsapp accounts in one mobile

Are you here to find about two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile? Let’s find it out together.

More the number of options in your mobile, the more your demands will be. We all use dual SIM smartphone these days. But, all of us have the option to use only one WhatsApp account in our mobiles officially. Shouldn’t we be given the privilege to use WhatsApp for both the numbers in one mobile? Unfortunately, the Facebook has not introduced the multiple account functionality in WhatsApp as of yet. However, the mobile manufacturers and other app developers have found a solution. Yes, the Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, and Honor officially support the dual WhatsApp account feature in their mobiles.

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For those of you who are owning a mobile from the other smartphone-makers, do not worry, we have a way for you as well. Keep scrolling down this post for more information on how to do it.

How to use Two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile?

We are going to guide you the whole process in two major steps.

Step 1 – Installing or Creating a clone of WhatsApp.

For Honor users

  • Go to Settings > App Twin.
  • Now in the next screen, tap on the toggle that is displayed next to WhatsApp in the list.
  • That’s it. You have successfully created a new copy of WhatsApp for another number of yours.

For OPPO users

  • Go to Settings > Clone App.
  • Now tap on the toggle which is seen next to WhatsApp app in the displayed list.
  • That’s it. Following this way will create a fresh copy of WhatsApp for your another number.

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For Xiaomi Users

  • Go to Settings > Dual Apps.
  • Tap on the toggle next to WhatsApp which is displayed in the list.
  • Congratulations. You have successfully created a clone of your WhatsApp app.

For Vivo Users

Creating a clone of WhatsApp on Vivo is a little different. But do not worry, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > App Clone.
  • Now enable, Display The Clone Button by tapping the toggle next to it.
  • After this, install WhatsApp from PlayStore.
  • After the app is installed, long press its icon to see a ‘+’ symbol.
  • Now tap the ‘+’ button to clone the installed WhatsApp app.
Two whatsapp accounts in one mobile
Dual App Settings

Now let’s head to the next step, i.e setting up the dual WhatsApp account.

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Step 2 – Set up the Dual WhatsApp Account.

  • Now that you have a secondary version of your WhatsApp, tap on the newest one to launch the app.
  • Now, tap on “Agree and Continue”.
  • Tap on Continue to allow the access of your contacts and files to the app. You may also choose “Not now” and allow the access later.
  • Now comes the vital part. Make sure that you enter your secondary number and not your primary number before proceeding to the next verification step. In case if you would enter your primary number, its corresponding WhatsApp account will be switched to the clone version of WhatsApp in your phone.
  • So, after entering your number, tap on ‘OK’ and continue with the verification process which involves detecting the SMS automatically if have granted necessary permissions or manually entering the verification code.

That’s it. You now have two WhatsApp accounts in your mobile.

For Other branded mobiles

Mobile brands like Motorola or Sony or Samsung or any other brand do not support the Dual App functionality. And if you own one of their smartphones, do not worry. There is still a way. This way involves you to install an app called Parallel Space from PlayStore. We will explain it in brief here below.

  • Install the Parallel Space from PlayStore and launch the app.
  • After opening the app, you will be able to view the Clone Apps page.
  • Now choose the app from the list and tap “Add to Parallel Space” button.
  • That’s it. This will create a clone of your app in the virtual space.
  • Now follow the same set of instructions that are described above to set up your secondary WhatsApp account.
two whatsapp accounts in one mobile
Parallel App Settings to set up two WhatsApp accounts.

The Parallel Space app supports Ads though. The ads can be discarded by donating either Rs 30 per month or Rs 50 per 3 months or Rs 80 per 6 months or Rs 150 for a lifetime.

These are the major ways available at present to set up dual accounts of WhatsApp in a single mobile. As long as the company doesn’t support the multiple account feature officially, you can make use of these methods to set up two accounts in one mobile.

There are also other ways to set up a dual WhatsApp account like installing the GBWhatsApp account app. But we are not suggesting it to our readers because it involves the installation of an APK file that might expose your mobile to potential risks.

Our view on setting up two WhatsApp accounts

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, if more options are provided, more demands will raise at the same time. For all of us who own Dual SIM smartphones, it would be one of our basic needs to have a WhatsApp account for both the numbers. Still, when the Facebook-owned company is officially not supporting the multiple account feature, you may make use of the ways mentioned in this post to set up two WhatsApp accounts.

Let us know whether these ways will work for you by commenting in the comments section below. Also, tell us if you are facing any issue. We’d feel glad to help you out.

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