Tweet 280 characters; How to get it?

how to tweet 280 characters

Wanna know how to tweet 280 characters? Let’s find out how.

Twitter introduced the feature to enter 280 characters in a tweet. Unfortunately, it has been rolled out to only a few users like me. I am so glad that the Twitter has chosen me as well to try this feature. Although there are voices against this new character upgrade limit, I am really loving it. Because it lets me tweet well in a descriptive manner. I would say that if others want to stick to the traditional 140 character format, they should tweet only in 140 characters and not impose their likes on others.

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So, if you have not got the 280 character feature on your Twitter account and you really want to try it, you are at the right place right now.

Tweet 280 Characters on; How to do it?

We will tell you ways to tweet in the new 280 character limit and it is different for different browsers. Let us first begin with the Google Chrome browser

For Google Chrome users

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, go to Tweetdeck and Authenticate/Sign in using your Twitter account.
  • Go to View > Developer > Developer Tools.
  • Hit the Sources tab. You would find a button with ‘>’ symbol. Please click on it and choose Snippets.
  • Select New Snippet.
  • Copy the code from this Github page.
  • Paste this code in the box that is situated on the right side of the New Snippet button.
  • Hit the Play icon finally.
  • That’s it. Upon clicking the tweet button in Tweetdeck, you will see that your new character limit is 280 and not 140.

For Firefox users

Please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Just like in Google Chrome browser, open Tweetdeck and sign in using your Twitter account.
  • Go to Tools > Web Developer > Web Console.
  • You will then view a web console on the bottom side of your page and it occupies nearly a half region of your screen.
  • Near the bottom, look for the icon ‘>’, please click on this icon.
  • Now, go ahead and paste the code in the space that is provided to you. But, before that, you must let the browser to let you paste. Type allow paste and it must enable you to paste the code.
  • Paste the code from the Github page. Finally hit Enter.
  • Congratulations, you can now tweet via your Firefox browser in 280 characters.

For Safari Users

  • If you are a Safari user, you must first activate the Develop menu on your browser.
  • To do that, Go to Menu > Preferences.
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab and see if Show Develop Menu in menu bar is enabled or not. Make sure that it is enabled in case if it is not.
  • Now launch Tweetdeck using your Twitter. I mean go to Tweetdeck and then sign using your Twitter credentials.
  • Choose Develop in the menu bar at the top and click on Show Javascript Console.
  • Paste the same code that we have mentioned in the Chrome and Firefox sections of this post. That’s it.
  • Congratulations. You can now tweet on your Safari browser in 280 characters.

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Since the aforementioned steps involve coding by requiring you to copy and paste a small piece of code, it might be hard for some users. But trust me, it will be very easy for you as keep doing it from Step 1.

Please note that we are not sure whether for how long these ways will work. And there are also chances for Twitter to either roll the feature out to all the users or discard it from the existing testing users by the time you read this post.

However, let us know if which of the ways mentioned above has worked for you? Let us know your experience in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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