Samsung Bixby Voice Commands

samsung bixby voice commands

Samsung latest Voice Assistant Bixby which was available in other global regions for some time now is also available in the Indian sub-continent. Since the Bixby Voice will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 users, let us check out some of the Samsung Bixby Voice Commands.

If you still don’t have this feature in your smartphone yet, our Bixby Voice Starting Guide will help you with the installation and give you a basic insight on the Samsung’s Voice Assistant. After installing the Bixby Voice on your smartphone, you can set reminders, find photos from your gallery, take a selfie, turn on the flashlight and much more just by using the voice commands. Bixby can turn your voice command into a powerful automation tool as it can interacts with most of the apps, settings or options of the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 devices. That is why we thought we must include all the Popular Bixby Voice Commands in one place.

Once, Bixby installation is done we recommend to customize Bixby as you see fit. You can setup voice wake-up strength, change the background color and all you will have to do is just use the wake-up keyword called, “Hi Bixby”.

After opening Bixby you can tap on the three dots button at the top right and select My Bixby. The page will show full instructions for commands, more information and get help with Bixby.

Let us try these top Bixby voice commands first

  • Call the last number that called me
  • Read aloud my last notification
  • Clear all notifications
  • Open camera and record a video
  • Open Gallery and find pictures from New York
  • Keep my screen on for 5 minutes
  • Call me an Uber to take me to the Airport
  • Open Gmail and show me unread emails
  • Show me emails from Derin
  • Install Pokemon Go from the Google Play Store
  • Take a selfie and send it to Derin
  • Take a screenshot and send it as a message to Derin
  • Open Instagram and post the last photo I took (post my last photo with the caption “Holiday”)
  • Turn up ringtone volume to 80% (Turn on do-not disturb, turn up brightness to 60%, etc)
  • Open YouTube and show my history page (or subscriptions)
  • Open Pandora and play my 90’s station
  • Decline call and send a text saying I’ll call back in 10 minutes

Here we have listed down other helpful Bixby Voice Commands in different categories.

You have to say the right command to Bixby and it will follow your instructions to perform everything we can do on a smartphone.

Bixby Popular Voice Commands

  • What’s the weather like?
  • What time is it?
  • What time is it in Chicago City
  • Will it rain today?
  • Turn on do not disturb
  • Turn the volume up/down
  • Restart my phone• Flashlight on/off
  • Open Google Play Music (play music)
  • What song is this?• Stop the music
  • Turn up the music volume to 70%
  • Install Pokemon Go from the Google Play Store
  • Delete the doctor visit reminder
  • Show my today’s reminders
  • Hi Bixby, remember where I parked
  • How is the weather going to be tomorrow?
  • Remind me for meeting tomorrow at 6 PM

Bixby voice commands for social media app like Twitter and Facebook

  • Open Facebook and display my notifications
  • Open Facebook and post a recent picture
  • Open Facebook and search for Derin
  • Post the last photo I took
  • Post a recent picture with the message “Seminar pics”
  • Post a message that I’m going on vacation to Hawaii
  • Show all posts
  • Write on Derin wall that we should go grab a beer
  • Open Twiter and show me recent messages
  • Open Twitter and show recent tweets
  • Show Twitter notices

Bixby voice commands to use Camera

Bixby voice commands can control your camera to take photos, record a video and manage any setting inside the camera app.

  • Take a picture
  • Take a Panorama photo
  • Turn on the front camera
  • Turn on HDR
  • Turn on Flash
  • Turn on Save RAW and JPEG files for rear camera
  • Turn on video stabilization
  • Turn on grid lines
  • Take a Selfie and send it to Derin
  • Record a video
  • Show me pictures
  • Set the timer for rear camera to 5 seconds
  • Apply an effect
  • Adjust the ISO of Pro mode to 200
  • Adjust the exposure value of Pro mode to 1

Bixby voice commands for contacts or phone application

  • Create a new contact as Derin with the number 112 112 1123
  • Call Derin
  • Text Derin
  • Add Derin to favorites
  • Add Derin to speed dial 2
  • Link Derin to Paula
  • Search for Derin and call him on speaker phone
  • Search for Derin and call his cell (mobile)
  • Call this number on speaker phone
  • Call my office number
  • Show profile updates for Derin
  • Video call Derin’s mobile phone
  • Show my friends group
  • Change my status message to busy
  • Send a message to everyone in Friends
  • Turn on Google account sync
  • Decline call and send Derin a message I’ll call back after 5 minutes
  • Open phone and call 112 112 1123
  • Open phone and block the last number that called
  • Send call to voicemail
  • Merge all contacts with the same info

Bixby voice commands for text messages.

As, of now it does not look like Bixby supports most 3rd party text message applications, but they might have support in the near future. Let’s take a look at the Bixby voice commands for Samsung text messages

  • Show me settings
  • Show me my most recent message
  • Show me notification settings for my last conversation
  • Show me pictures from the conversation with Derin
  • Take a photo and send it to Derin
  • Forward my last text to Derin
  • Pin the most recent conversation to the top
  • Delete the last message or conversation
  • Delete all texts with the word ex, or Paula
  • Delete all conversations
  • Block the most recent conversation
  • Turn off notifications for the conversation with Derin
  • Copy the most recent text and send it to Derin
  • Send my last photo to Derin and say, “I’m on holiday”
  • Save the most recent text to my reminders
  • Navigate to the address in my last message
  • Mark all unread messages as read

Bixby voice commands to control Settings

Like Siri or Google Assistant can turn on flashlight or turn on wifi, Bixby voice command can also do all these settings and many more. Let’s take a look at the commands.

  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Turn on WiFi, Turn off WiFi
  • Turn on Blue light filter
  • Turn on Do Not Disturb
  • Turn on Data saver
  • Turn on Performance mode
  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Turn up ringtone volume to 80
  • Turn on One-handed mode
  • Turn off the LED indicator light
  • Turn on battery saver mode
  • Search for nearby WiFi networks
  • Disconnect from WiFi network
  • Scan for Bluetooth devices
  • Go to dual audio
  • Show me my Data usage
  • Show me my battery usage
  • Increase the system volume
  • Keep my screen on for 10 minutes
  • Set the display brightness to 70
  • Make the screen brighter
  • Open my last two apps in split-screen
  • Uninstall Pokemon Go (confirm)

Bixby voice commands for Smart Home Products

As, of now Bixby voice commands works perfectly find with Samsung connect or robot vacuums as well as other smart home products. We hope in the future other Samsung appliance like Samsung Smart TV will also have the Bixby voice command.

  • Turn on the Robot cleaner
  • Turn off the Robot cleaner
  • Recharge the Robot cleaner
  • Change Robot cleaner suction power to high
  • Show me the Robot cleaner battery life
  • Add a new Robot Vacuum cleaner to Samsung Connect
  • Show my rules
  • Add a Rule
  • Turn off the thermostat
  • What’s the thermostat temperature set at
  • Turn the Air conditioner down to 73 degrees
  • Turn on the TV
  • Open Samsung Connect and open YouTube on my TV
  • Open Samsung Connect and go to ESPN
  • Open Samsung Connect and turn on my outlet
  • Open Samsung Connect and turn off power cool for the fridge, etc.

Bixby voice commands to Control Samsung Apps

Bixby voice commands can control Samsung apps on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8

  • Open Gallery and Find pictures taken in New York.
  • Open Gallery and show me my Hawaii Vacation album
  • Open Video Player and edit my last video
  • Open Video Player and share an animated GIF
  • Show me the last picture I took
  • Delete this picture
  • Send my last picture to Derin
  • Show me the most recent pictures as a slideshow
  • Rotate this picture to the right
  • Play the most recent video
  • Add the most recent picture from Friends album to Favorites
  • Add auto adjust effects to my last picture
  • Delete the location info from the most recent picture
  • Delete the vacation album
  • Play the next video, delete this video
  • Make an animated GIF from this video
  • Move the Play position forward by 15 seconds
  • Move Photos that were taken in New York to a new album

Samsung Bixby voice command services has been just launched it still in learning phase. Samsung promises that it will learn over time to work with other apps and services and understand the context in conversation.

Let us know your thoughts about Samsung Bixby voice commands in the comments section below.

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