Creating a WhatsApp Channel on Android and iOS: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide


WhatsApp recently introduced its Channels feature, reminiscent of Instagram’s approach, initially debuting in select regions back in June of this year. Now, the Meta-owned platform is embarking on a global rollout of this feature, extending its availability to users in India. WhatsApp touts Channels as a simple, reliable, and private means of receiving important updates from individuals and organizations, all within the familiar WhatsApp environment. Recently, they also released a feature to use two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile.

Channels serve as a one-way broadcasting tool, granting administrators the ability to send various content types, including text messages, photos, videos, stickers, and polls. To assist users in discovering channels aligned with their interests, the company is actively developing a searchable directory. Within this directory, users can easily find channels related to their hobbies, favorite sports teams, updates from local authorities, and a wide array of other topics. Furthermore, users can opt to join WhatsApp Channels by following invitation links shared in chats, emails, or posted online. You can read about how to run six WhatsApp profiles on a single Android device.

How to create a WhatsApp Channel on Android and iOS

  1. Open WhatsApp Web and navigate to Channels by clicking on the Channels icon.
  2. Click on the “+” icon to initiate the channel creation process.
  3. Proceed by clicking “Continue” and follow the onscreen prompts.
  4. Add a channel name to finalize the channel creation; you can change the name later if needed.
  5. Customize your channel: At this point, you can choose to personalize your channel by adding a description and an icon, or you can make these adjustments later.
    • Add a channel description: Craft a brief description to help potential followers understand the purpose of your channel.
    • Add a channel icon: Enhance your channel’s visibility by adding an image from your phone or the web.
  6. Click “Create channel,” and you’re all set!

With these simple steps, you can establish your own WhatsApp Channel, providing a convenient way to share content and updates with your audience.

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