How to access Spotify Equalizer on Android

How to use Spotify Equalizer on Android?

The music created is experienced by each person differently. All major music streaming apps know this fact and so does Spotify. While it provides you great control to tweak the music you’d... Read more »
metadata on spotify

Music lovers can now edit metadata on Spotify and here is how you can do that!!

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spotify sharing through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now allows to share music through Spotify

If you are a person who listens to music on Spotify and uses Facebook Messenger to communicate with your friends and family, there’s good news for you.The latest update of Facebook Messenger... Read more »
Amazon Echo now supports Spotify Music

Amazon Echo now supports Spotify Music

Amazon Echo has been able to play music from all the major players such as Amazon Music, TuneIn, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Prime Music. Spotify has been missing in this list all these... Read more »