Music lovers can now edit metadata on Spotify and here is how you can do that!!

metadata on spotify

Spotify is one of the leading music services in the world. Just like any other music app, the Spotify also provides much meta information like album, song and artist on each music file. The selection of music on Spotify is also documented well. But sadly, most of these information is not very accurate.

To rectify this inaccuracy, the Spotify is providing a new tool using which you can help the company to make sense of the music on its service. Using this new tool called Line-In, you will be able to edit the meta data.

It is currently available to all the desktop Spotify users. The Line-In allows you to add the missing information or suggest changes to the current information that the Spotify has on the artists and music available on its service.

How to access Line-in on Spotify?

  • To access Line-In, you will just have to click on three dots next to song, album or artist and then choose “Suggest an Edit”.
  • Now, you can choose to either confirm all the available information or suggest edits.
  • The metadata which can be edited includes aliases for an album name, the genre(s) it belongs in, the tags describing the music, the overall mood, how explicit it is, and much more.

However, let’s not fail to recall the fact that the Spotify is collecting information on a huge scale. This information collected by the company includes your listening habits as well. For instance, have you ever thought of what the Spotify thinks of you? Go to and it will tell you.

Which is your favorite music service? I am an Apple Music fan. Wanna debate with me? Share your views in the comments section below and I will get back to you. 😉

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