Facebook Messenger now allows to share music through Spotify

spotify sharing through Facebook Messenger

If you are a person who listens to music on Spotify and uses Facebook Messenger to communicate with your friends and family, there’s good news for you.The latest update of Facebook Messenger now allows Spotify Sharing through Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook has been bringing several exciting features such as “calling an Uber Cab” in its Messenger app over the past few months. And now you will be able to share your favorite soundtracks with your friends and family without having to put much effort. The update is available for both Android and iOS users. If you haven’t got the update yet, please be patient. It is expected to hit your mobiles very soon depending on the region you are from and the data plan that you use.


Spotify already allows the users to share the music in several other ways such as SMS, WhatsApp and Email. Now with the integration of Spotify feature in Facebook Messenger, sharing your favorite music is going to be much awesome than ever before.


Let us know your views on the latest feature of Spotify Sharing through Facebook Messenger in your comments below.

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