Ubuntu convergence 2016 mobile desktop

Ubuntu aims convergence across devices in 2016

Thanks to its simple user interface, Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux versions in the world. And if you are a Ubuntu lover, 2016 has something in cards for you. Read more »
2016 the year of virtual reality

Is 2016 the year of Virtual Reality ??

It is certain that Virtual Reality is going to rule for the next few years as the recent ventures in the area of Virtual Reality by the companies like Google and Samsung... Read more »
Google to Replace Password with smartphones

Google to Replace Password with smartphones

We’re living in an age where we are virtually connected with our friends and relatives through e-mail, chat and social networking platforms. And remembering passwords for every online site where we have... Read more »
Microsoft Apps a new app by Microsoft to list all its apps in Android

Microsoft Apps – A new app by Microsoft to help you find all its apps in Android

It looks like Microsoft is no longer a competitor for Android. The company’s latest app in Android says so. Yes, Microsoft has unveiled its latest app “Microsoft Apps” in Android that helps... Read more »
How to use Facebook messenger on computer

How to use Facebook Messenger on a Computer

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