How to clean DSLR camera?

how to clean dslr camera

We should always learn to take care of the things that we buy so that we can use them for a longer period. The cleaning is mandatory for devices as expensive as a camera. To help you with that, we are going to talk about cleaning the DSLR cameras. Before we begin our discussion, please note that cleaning a DSLR camera is something that should not be done daily.

You ought to clean your DSLR device only if more smudges are causing the spots on your captured photos.

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Let us now discuss the ways that you can follow to clean your DSLR camera.

Cleaning cloth

You should know about the kind of clothes that can be used for cleaning the camera and lenses. The best choice here would be a modern microfiber cleaning cloth as they can grab oils and dust from your lens. Also, make sure to check the cloth for any tiny sand-like particles to protect your lens from getting a scratch while cleaning.

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Cleaning Tissues

Cleaning tissues are the best alternative to cleaning cloth and they are more like paper which will wipe your lenses without scratching them. A downside of using a cleaning tissue is that they can be used only once and you might have to buy a bunch of them to have it handy always in cases of any emergency.

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If your camera has a lot of dust, then you should get a brush to remove them. Get a brush that has soft hair and not hard hair to prevent scratches on your lens. Also, it would be better if you’d use a brush first before you’d use a cleaning cloth or cleaning tissue.

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Blowers are useful in removing the dust particles by blowing air. One important thing to keep in mind is that you should make sure to not blow the dust particles on to the lenses or camera. Squeezing a blower, a couple of times first before you use it on your camera will remove the presence of dust particles if there are any.

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Lens Cleaning Fluid

The Camera Lens cleaning fluid which is alcohol-based is one of the most basic things that is needed for cleaning a camera. You will not need the liquid in much quantity and usually, a few drops will do the magic. But, make sure that the drops are applied to the cleaning cloth and not on the lens directly. Doing so will prevent the fingerprint marks on your lens.

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Additional Tip to avoid moisture: Silica Gel

Silica Gel is good at absorbing moisture. That’s why buy a couple of Silica Gel sachets and place them in your camera bag. This will save your DSLR camera from getting impacted by the moisture. Also, make sure to change these sachets once in a while.

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We hope these ways will help you in cleaning your DSLR camera and keep them safe. Please let us know your views about the same here in the comments section below.

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