exif data in photography

Introduction to EXIF data in Photography

We are living in an age in which the photographers are dealing more with the files rather than the films and negatives like how it used to be a few decades ago.... Read more »
3 CAMERA KILLERS that damage your Digital camera in the long run

3 CAMERA KILLERS that damage your Digital camera in the long run

Gadgets that we use, especially the Cameras, can easily be exposed to damage. Attackers like insects, sand, and moisture are all around in our environment to get a chance to reduce the... Read more »
how to clean dslr camera

How to clean DSLR camera?

We should always learn to take care of the things that we buy so that we can use them for a longer period. The cleaning is mandatory for devices as expensive as... Read more »
How to prevent your camera from getting dust

How to prevent your camera sensor from getting dust?

If you are someone who owns a DSLR camera, then you’re also someone who has copied the photos several times to your laptop or desktop from the camera. After copying photos to... Read more »
how to hold a camera

How to hold a camera?

One of the main reasons behind a resultant blurry image is because of the way we hold the cameras. If the cameras are not handheld well, the outcome would be shaky and... Read more »