How to hold a camera?

how to hold a camera

One of the main reasons behind a resultant blurry image is because of the way we hold the cameras. If the cameras are not handheld well, the outcome would be shaky and annoying especially during night situations. Those lights during nighttime look good in any frame and the same can look messy and disturb the entire essence of the frame through a blur if the cameras are not handled well.

Though the tripod can be helpful in getting a clear and crisp image, it would be troublesome to carry them with us all the time. So, at the end of the day, acquiring some knowledge on how to hold the camera to avoid even minor blurs or shaky image is always important for those of you who want to capture only good photographs. And here in this blog post, I am going to shed my knowledge on the same.

How to hold a camera?

As mentioned above, the tripods can be helpful in reducing the blur and capturing a stable image, but if you don’t have one, the best way then would be to hold the camera with two hands.

By holding the camera with both of your hands, it can increase the stillness and stability in images. Yes sometimes, your hands can be better than a three-legged tripod. It again depends on the kind of camera you would use. For instance, you cannot hold a GoPro camera with both of your hands and the best way to capture videos or photos using GoPro would be by relying on any accessory. Anyways, the latest generation of GoPro cameras have improved so much to handle the stability with much ease.

Sorry I went off topic a little by talking about GoPro cameras. Now back to our subject. Below are the ways that I use to hold a camera.

  1. I use my right hand to grip the right end of the camera
  2. And then I use the left hand to grip the left end of the camera
  3. If I am using the viewfinder, I would bring it closer to my face by not moving at all in any direction. If I can find a stable location where I can either sit or stand by leaning on any pillar, I would choose that
  4. In some cases, I hold the camera close to my chest by deciding the frame by viewing through the LCD screen
  5. I would also hold my breath till the shot is captured

I hope these ways will help you hold the camera in the best way possible to lessen the shaky images. However, you might have already been following a set of other methods. Please be free to share them here in the comments section below. Because sharing knowledge is the latest means of caring in today’s world.

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