3 CAMERA KILLERS that damage your Digital camera in the long run

3 CAMERA KILLERS that damage your Digital camera in the long run

Gadgets that we use, especially the Cameras, can easily be exposed to damage. Attackers like insects, sand, and moisture are all around in our environment to get a chance to reduce the lifetime of our cameras. In our previous posts, we discussed the ways on how you can clean the camera after it is exposed to dust. Along with that knowledge, it is also important that you keep in mind, the common predators that can cause mass destruction to your camera.

3 MAJOR CAMERA Killers that damage your Digital Camera

Sand and Salt

Ever had a photoshoot on a beach? If yes, then you must have got some pretty stunning clicks to show off in front of your friends. At The Same Time, you can also be sure about the entry of Sand or Salt into your camera and lenses from the beach. Following a habit of always cleaning the camera whenever it is taken to the beach or other sandy locations will help you prevent major destruction. Because, if they are not cleaned and if any sand or salt is present inside the camera, it will pave the path towards all kinds of issues including corrosion. Also, use lens filters always when you are in sandy locations to add an additional layer of protection to your lenses.

Moisture and Water

Moisture has a big history of giving nightmares to photographers across the world. This really is the slow poison for all digital cameras in the world because of the tedious way it follows to end or lessen the life of a camera. Using silica gels will prevent the damage to an extent, but you might want to invest in a humidity controller to block all the ways that moisture or dust or moths can damage your camera.

If you are an underwater photographer, make sure that you follow all the necessary steps to safeguard the camera. You may also place the camera in a plastic case when you have shoots in watery locations. Not to mention, you should also be cautious when you are traveling between locations that have different temperatures and climatic conditions.


You just cannot abandon your camera even at times when you are not using it as it will lead to the cultivation of dust in and outside your camera. The presence of dust will cause damages to your image sensor in the long run if it is not taken care of. Using a camera blower as discussed in our earlier posts will help you blow away any dust particles including the minor ones. Besides that, try wiping your camera and lenses at least once a day and always place them in sealed bags.

The aforementioned camera killers do their job at a slow pace. So, you might not notice the changes immediately. That’s why it is always important to be aware of all the information we have discussed above. Anyways, our last couple of posts in the Photography section will help you with sustaining the life of your camera. For your convenience, I am sharing the links of them here below.

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