Step-by-step guide on how to send ‘view once’ voice messages on WhatsApp


WhatsApp has recently introduced a global rollout of a self-destructing feature for voice messages. This new functionality extends the existing ‘view once’ feature that applies to photos and videos. Like its counterparts in visual media, the view once for voice messages automatically erases the content after the recipient has listened to it. Recently WhatsApp has introduced the “Secret Code” feature. This enhancement proves particularly valuable in scenarios where others might gain access to your phone or when sharing your device.

According to WhatsApp, this feature enhances the privacy of voice messages, providing users with a secure means to share sensitive information such as credit card details or PIN codes. If you’re eager to explore this feature, here’s a step-by-step guide:


  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the WhatsApp app installed.
  2. Have an active WhatsApp account.

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Steps to send view once voice messages:

  1. Open the chat: Launch your messaging application and navigate to the individual or group chat where you want to send the view-once voice message.
  2. Initiate recording: Tap the microphone icon within the chat to start recording your voice message.
  3. Lock the recording: Swipe up on the screen to lock the recording, ensuring its continuity even if you release the record button.
  4. Record the message: While holding the record button, speak your message until you’ve conveyed the intended content.
  5. Activate view-once mode: Watch the record button turn green, indicating that the message is now in view-once mode, allowing the recipient to view it only once.
  6. Send the message: Release the record button when satisfied with your recording and tap the send button to dispatch the view-once media or voice message to the recipient(s).

Check read receipt:

If the recipient has read receipts enabled, you’ll receive an opened receipt in the chat when they’ve viewed your view-once media or voice message. This acknowledgment confirms that the recipient has seen the content. WhatsApp Introduced Email Linking Feature for Enhanced Security and Functionality.

How to identify a ‘view once’ voice message:

WhatsApp has clarified on its official support page that view once voice messages will display a green “1” logo, indicating to both the sender and recipient that the voice message is set to ‘view once.’ WhatsApp recently released multiple features like Sharing Screens on WhatsAppSharing HD Photos on WhatsApp, a Video Messaging Feature for iPhone Users and Group video calls using WhatsApp on Mac.

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