Trusted Contacts app by Google will allow your loved ones to know you are safe

Google has introduced Trusted Contacts, a new personal safety app for Android users. The app will allow you to share the location with your beloved ones in normal situations as well as... Read more »
Google launches DayDream VR and YouTube VR in Google PlayStore

Google launches DayDream VR and YouTube VR in PlayStore

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payments via Netbanking in PlayStore

You can now make payments via Netbanking in PlayStore instead of credit or debit card

All these days, you were able to purchase apps in Google PlayStore only via Credit card and Debit card. This irritated me a lot back in my college days, because, back then... Read more »
rcs messaging for android

Google rolls out RCS messaging for Android devices

To introduce RCS standard, Google had acquired Jibe Mobile in October last year. Back in February this year, the company joined hands with many global operators to speed up the availability of... Read more »
Google Allo in Android

Google Allo crosses 1 million downloads in the PlayStore

Google launched its much anticipated app of the year, Google Allo last week. Though a few such as Edward Snowden expressed their concerns on the privacy in the app, it has not... Read more »