Trusted Contacts app by Google will allow your loved ones to know you are safe

Google has introduced Trusted Contacts, a new personal safety app for Android users. The app will allow you to share the location with your beloved ones in normal situations as well as in emergencies. It will work even when your Smartphone is offline.

Once the app is installed in your Android Smartphone, you can add your family members and close friends by assigning the “Trusted” status to them. Currently, Google has given a contact limit of 50 in the app. However, the company is expecting you to add only 5 or 6. Your trusted contacts can view your activity status, but this feature is completely opt-in and you will be able to reject the access to your location at any time.

Say if you are feeling unsafe in a situation, you can then go ahead and share your location with your trusted contacts. You can also reject the location requests from any of your trusted contacts. If you are unable to respond to the request within a certain time, your location will be shared automatically so that the people who care about you will know your location status.

You will also be able to broadcast the location at any time to any of your trusted contacts so that they will be able to view your real-time location till you stop sharing the location. The application will also work in offline and it will notify your trusted contacts your last known location. At present, the Trusted Contacts is available only for Android users.

Let us know your views on the Trusted Contacts by commenting in the comments section below. For your convenience, we are adding the link to download the app via PlayStore which you can find below.

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