How to activate the Pause USB Power Delivery feature on Galaxy devices for enhanced gaming performance

Samsung Galaxy S23

The Pause USB Power Delivery feature, introduced with Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series, aims to optimize gaming experiences by minimizing heat generated during charging. While the release date for this feature on older models remains uncertain, it has already been integrated into certain flagship devices.

Enabling this feature suspends battery charging, directing power straight to the processor. This keeps the phone cooler during gaming sessions and ensures a consistent battery level, preventing unnecessary drainage.

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Step-by-step guide to activate the Pause USB Power Delivery feature on Galaxy devices

  1. Check Compatibility and Install Game Booster Plugin: Verify that your phone has the Game Booster plugin (version Most Samsung phones from the last 3-4 years should have it pre-installed, but updating it through the Galaxy Store may be necessary.
  2. Use a Compatible Charger: Link your Galaxy phone to a charger with a minimum of 25W USB PD/PPS capability. The Pause USB Power Delivery feature requires a Samsung phone that supports 25W charging.
  3. Launch a Game from Game Launcher: Launch a game using the Game Launcher app on your mobile device.
  4. Access Game Booster: Minimize the game and access Game Booster either from the Game Launcher app’s More menu or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen while the game is running and tap the Game Booster icon, recognizable by a cross and four dots.
  5. Enable Pause USB Power Delivery Feature: Scroll to the bottom of the Game Booster settings to find the Pause USB Power Delivery feature. Toggle it on, and your phone will stop charging while the game is active. Normal charging resumes once you exit or minimize the game.

It’s important to note that users have reported successful implementation on models like the Galaxy A33 5G and the Galaxy Tab S8, suggesting a potential expansion of this feature to more Galaxy devices in the future.

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In summary, Samsung users can enhance their gaming experience on their Galaxy phones by utilizing the Pause USB Power Delivery feature through Game Booster.

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