How to stop annoying thread posts appearing on Facebook and Instagram


Responding to user feedback, Meta has taken a significant stride forward by introducing a novel opt-out alternative for Thread posts. If you’ve been vexed by Thread posts continually infiltrating your Facebook and Instagram feeds, this latest development offers a solution to tailor your content experience as per your preference.

Meta’s Reaction to User Feedback:

Carefully addressing the issues raised by users, Meta has initiated the implementation of a feature allowing users to opt out of Thread posts appearing on their Facebook and Instagram feeds. This forward-thinking action is a direct response to the invaluable feedback from users who have voiced their frustration with Thread posts spreading across various platforms via the new carousel feature.  You can also use the Facebook messenger ignore message feature if you do not want to be disturbed by someone and do not want to block them.

How to stop annoying thread posts appearing on Facebook and Instagram

  1. Open the Threads App: Start by launching the Threads app on your mobile device.
  2. Access the Privacy Settings: Navigate to the “Privacy” section located within the Threads app.
  3. Find “Suggesting Posts on Other Apps”: In the “Privacy” settings, identify the option related to “Suggesting posts on other apps.”
  4. Toggle Off for Facebook and Instagram: Within this section, you’ll encounter two switches that allow users to independently manage post suggestions for Instagram and Facebook. Toggle off the switch for Instagram to halt post suggestions on that platform, and likewise, toggle off the switch for Facebook to cease post suggestions on that platform.

Why Opt Out?

The primary reason to opt-out is entirely at your discretion. If you find the post suggestions irksome, it’s a valid reason for you to opt out of this feature.

This update empowers users with more substantial control over the content they encounter on their social media platforms. By offering the choice to opt out of Thread posts, Meta recognizes the significance of user autonomy and individual preferences. Facebook Messenger allows you to mute specific conversations, which will prevent notifications from that particular chat. 

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