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Video Cropping Apps

Video capability on our smartphones is one of the most useful tools we have. Recording and sharing videos allow us to feel closer to one another even from long distances, and creating videos is an enjoyable hobby. However, it can be frustrating how our phones allow us to crop pictures so easily, yet it’s such a process when we try and cut, edit, and crop a video.

Fortunately, there are new mobile apps that will make this process much more convenient. I recently discovered a whole list of them in one place so that users can scroll through the specs and find their favorites.

Great Video Cropping Apps

These apps will not only allow you to edit videos for free, but they will also help you prepare your videos for social media posts using nearly endless editing options.

Free Video Editing

Having to upload your video to your computer can be such a large hassle, and (depending on your Internet quality) can take forever. But usually, editing a video on the computer is the easiest and most effective way to produce the result you want. What if you could get the same quality editing tools on your phone for free?

There used to be a disconnect. The phones had the best video cameras, but the computers had the best editing software. Thankfully, mobile apps are trying to bridge the gap and put the best of both worlds on your phone. So cropping videos for lengths that are easy to work with and highlighting the important parts of long videos don’t have to be tools only available on the computer. You can make the magic happen right from your phone before sending it.

Getting Your Video Ready for the World

In our current social media-driven world, most jobs and industries encourage you to have a dynamic social media presence. From coaches to lawyers, or construction workers, everyone is trying to have aesthetically pleasing pages that draw peoples’ attention and look professional. Having an impressive presence on social media can help you find a better job or make more money at your current one, so uploading high-quality videos is a must. You can also check out the video converters for Mac.

Social media pros spend hours in front of the computer editing their videos to make them ready to post, but you don’t have to go through the whole process. There are plenty of mobile apps on this list that is specially made for editing videos, applying filters, and introducing engaging effects so that your videos will seem like the work of someone who spends their whole day creating videos to post.

Professional Editing Apps

You might not be a professional video editor, but the biggest difference between you and the pros is the tools they are using to create high-quality video. You don’t need a $2000 camera or a film crew; you have an incredible camera right on your phone. What you need are professional editing apps that will let you dive into advanced filters, effects, and editing software.

These kinds of apps will usually cost some sort of monthly subscription for the highest quality. However, some of them are free, so make sure to check through all of them to find the effects you’re looking for and see if you’ll have to pay or not. Even if you do have to pay (depending on your industry and social media goals), having amazing videos that draw people in will most likely be worth whatever you have to spend to get the job done.


Whether you’re wanting to quickly share quality videos with family members across the country or fill your social media accounts with professional-quality content to engage the masses, these mobile apps make it so easy to manipulate videos from your phone. Turn hours of editing into minutes so that you’ve got more time to enjoy whatever it is you’re filming.

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