How to transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android smartphone

How to transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android

For all iPhone lovers, it’s hard to switch from iPhone to Android. But, in case you ever would like to switch from iPhone to Android, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. One of them is how to transfer WhatsApp chat backup from iPhone to Android or how to import WhatsApp zip files to Android. Because there are some limitations to transferring data between these two different operating systems. Since Apple allows WhatsApp to take backup on iCloud and Google takes its WhatsApp backup on Google drive.

However, there are legit solutions for transferring data like photos, videos, contacts, notes, reminders, and calendar details. But none of them offers a way to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android. Hence, we are sharing the steps to help you transfer the WhatsApp data and back it up between these two operating systems.

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The step-by-step guide to transferring the data and backup of WhatsApp from iPhone to Android may be time-consuming. Hence follow the steps carefully to understand how to import exported WhatsApp chat iPhone to an Android device.

Steps to follow on iPhone to transfer WhatsApp Chat

  • Open WhatsApp on iPhone
  • Look for a chat that you want to Export and swipe left but carefully and slowly.
  • Tap on the More button and select the option ‘Export chat’.
  • You will get two more options ‘With Media’ and ‘Without Media’. Tap on the one you want.
  • Then choose the Mail option and enter the email id that is linked to your Android device
  • Follow the same steps again to export other chats.

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Steps to follow on Android smartphones to restore WhatsApp chat from iPhone

  • Open the mail and download the .zip files that you sent for the WhatsApp chart from iPhone
  • Delete WhatsApp if it is available on Android smartphones. And, reinstall WhatsApp from Google Play Store.
  • While setting up the WhatsApp app once get the Restore data screen, choose the Restore option.
  • Let the app complete the restore process and then hit the Next button
  • The step will restore the WhatsApp zip file.
  • Once the restore process is complete you will find all the chats from your iPhone will be available on your Android smartphone.

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As we suggested this is quite a tedious process and if you don’t want to use any third-party apps or services, this is the best method to transfer WhatsApp chat backup from iPhone to Android and help you to restore WhatsApp chat from a zip file iPhone. Let us know if you have got any other better options on how to transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android.

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