Facebook Sound Collection offers free music and sound effects

facebook sound collection

Facebook is providing a collection of free sound effects and music for the video creators. Say if you have an interesting video and you want to add music to make it more interesting, you can easily choose a track from the Facebook sound collection.

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Facebook Sound Collection

Sometimes when you upload a video with a popular song in it, the social networking site usually warns you for copyright infringement. In the worst case, it even removes your video just like other video sites such as the YouTube. So instead of adding an Ed Sheeran music in the background, you can choose a soundtrack from the collection which the Facebook is offering you. But, you must note that you are allowed to use it only on Facebook and Instagram.

The latest sound collection by Facebook contains more than 1000 tracks and most of them are not really bad. While some of them might disappoint you, the Facebook has also made sure to add some good ones in the list. So, keep browsing in case if you have found a bad one. The video platforms like the YouTube is already offering a collection of sound effects and royalty-free songs.

It is very evident that the Facebook is very serious about the content creators and wants to make them happy. Previously, the company launched Facebook Watch, a dedicated app to watch the videos and the introduction of this new sound collection now only supports this claim.

Although the addition of the sound collection will not really help the Facebook to overtake the YouTube in the world of videos, it will at least help the company to climb a ladder in the video arena. The social networking company will be providing this feature out to every user over the upcoming few days. Anyways, you can find the library here.

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