Instagram Contacts can now be imported to Facebook Messenger

Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger

Instagram and Facebook are currently testing a new feature which will let you to bring the contacts from Instagram on to the company’s chat platform, Messenger. A few weeks ago, the Facebook also introduced a similar feature by letting the users to cross post the stories between Instagram and Facebook.

Now, both the apps are making it very easy to sync your Messenger and Instagram accounts with each other. To do so, you can now go to the People tab and choose the new option “Connect to Instagram” to integrate your contacts from the Instagram to the Facebook Messenger application. Say if you are a new user, you can also add your Instagram contacts with a sign-up process.

Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger

However, only the mutual contacts from the Instagram will be imported to the Messenger application. So you will not have to worry about the spam messages.

A lot of users on the Instagram use the existing messaging feature on the app to communicate with each other. For instance, around 375 million people used the Instagram Direct as of April. If you are one of them, you might have felt at least once to add a few of them to the Messenger application. If yes, you can be glad that your dream is soon going to become a reality.

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Lately, the Facebook has been combining features across its platforms. For those of you don’t think that you are a Facebook user, but have an Instagram account, you are a Facebook user at the end of the day.

Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger

The company has officially not stated any word regarding this feature. However, we are expecting the tech giant to be testing it as it is already visible for a few users.

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