How to use Google Translate in any app on Android?

Google Translate in any app on Android

You are living in a virtual world if you are reading this article. Firstly, happy realization and congrats for leading such a life. In this networked world, it is very easy to communicate with people from across the cultures and languages. For instance, you could use the Google Translate English feature to hold a chat with a person who knows only English or any listed language because Google translate English to Portuguese, Hindi, French and so on. In other words, the world today is altogether a small global village.

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Gone are the days of using a desktop. These days, we rely mostly on the smartphones for our communication. Although these devices offer multi-tasking features to switch between apps, it might be difficult to always follow that practice especially when you are chatting with a foreign national.

But do not worry, because here in this post we are going to guide you about the language translator app Google Translate and how to use Google Translate feature within any app on Android and get benefit from the Google translate online app.

How to use Google Translate in any app on Android?

  • I hope you already have the Google Translate app installed on your device. If not, go to PlayStore and install it.

    • Now open Google translate app means just launch the app and tap on the Hamburger menu and choose “Settings”.
    • Choose “Tap to Translate”. In the next window, tap on the Enable toggle to turn this feature on.
  • Now open any application on your smartphone. Let’s say if you have opened the WhatsApp, open any conversation and highlight the text for which you want the translation.
  • Now tap on Copy and wait till the Google Translate icon is visible on the top right side within the app. Then Tap on it to initiate the translation feature.
  • That’s it. The translated version of the message will be shown on the screen or you can also use the Google translate voice option.

We hope this tutorial will really be helpful for you. If yes, share us your feedback in the comments section below. You may also query in your comments regarding this topic or any other topic, we will reach back out to you.

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