3 Tech Accessories To Boost TikTok Video Quality

What Are More Important, TikTok Likes Or Followers

From professional freight unloaders captured hard at work to cross-cultural cooking videos, TikTok is video content heaven, and so the competition is fierce. Consequently, one of the best ways to stand out as a content creator is with quality TikToks. 

So here are 3 tech accessories to elevate the quality of your videos. 

Wide-angle Lens Attachment

Adding a wide-angle lens to your smartphone’s camera setup lets you capture more in a single shot, making your TikTok videos pop. 

Simply slap on a wide-angle lens to your phone’s camera. It broadens the frame, letting you squeeze more into your shots. 

Say you’re filming a dance routine with your pals. Without the wide-angle lens, you’d struggle to get the whole crew in one frame. With the lens, it’s a breeze, and suddenly, your TikTok video becomes a visual feast. Or say you have a travel vlog – the wide-angle lens grabs those wide, sweeping views of landscapes or iconic landmarks. Without it, you might miss the grandeur. But with the lens, your TikTok video becomes immersive, offering viewers a broader visual experience.

Directional Microphone

Quality audio is a big deal for keeping your audience engaged on TikTok, especially in noisy environments. That’s where a directional microphone comes in, minimizing the background noise so your audio stands out.

So hook up a directional microphone to your smartphone.

Picture this: you’re doing a tutorial in a bustling café. Without the directional microphone, the chatter around you might overshadow your voice. But with the microphone, your instructions come through crystal clear, leveling up your TikTok tutorial game. Or say you’re outdoors doing an interview or commentary. The directional microphone saves your voice from getting lost in wind or traffic noise. Without it, your TikTok content might not hit the mark. But with the microphone, your message is heard loud and clear, boosting the overall viewer experience.

Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Ever wish you could start and stop recording without juggling your phone? That’s where a Bluetooth remote shutter comes in, making your TikTok filming sessions smoother and giving you more control.

You want to pair up a remote shutter with your smartphone and keep it within arm’s reach. A quick press of the button, and you’re rolling or stopping – it’s really that simple. 

Say you’re doing a makeup tutorial. Instead of awkwardly reaching for your phone after each step, you click the remote shutter. Your TikTok video flows smoothly, keeping your audience hooked. Or, picture yourself doing a cooking demo. The Bluetooth remote shutter allows you to capture each cooking step without missing a beat. Without it, you might struggle to keep things flowing smoothly. But with the remote, your TikTok cooking tutorial becomes more engaging and professional.

Being a TikTok video content creator is a serious business. Try out these tips to make your job that much more beneficial. 

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