Cortana Android gets a redesign and a bunch of new features

Cortana Android

Thanks to the regular updates of Cortana Android, the app is in a better place than it used to be on Google’s smartphone platform. It has got a major redesign and a couple of new features in the latest update. The Cortana on Android might not be on par with its version for Microsoft’s Windows smartphones, but we are happy to see that the Redmond-based company is doing everything it can to increase the user experience on the Android platform.

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Cortana Android 2.9.0 new features

The latest update brings some changes in the design and adds a couple of new features. First of all, the users will notice a change in the design of the settings page. Instead of the navigation bar at the bottom, you will find a hamburger menu in the app. The update also increases the hands-free experience for calls and texts. The users will also be able to control the reminders hereafter.

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