Pokemon Go updated with a new feature and many bug fixes

pokemon go update

Pokemon Go has been updated with a new feature and a lot of bug fixes. Its developer, Niantic announced that a new update has been rolled out for the Android and iOS platforms. The bug fixes include necessary improvements for many annoying bugs that have been in the app for a long time.

The latest version of the game will certainly bring happiness in all the Pokemon GO players as it is all about capturing location. Besides that, all the Pokemon which you caught will now show the location where you manage to trap them.

An exciting gameplay feature has been added by the developer, Niantic. But, it is available only for those who are using Pokemon Go Plus accessory. Using the accessory, the trainers will be able to seize the Pokemon they encounter. This is the new feature that has been added in this update.

As mentioned above, several bugs have also been fixed. For instance, the camera used to move at slow speeds during the battle. This bug has been fixed and confirmed by the developers. At the same time, Niantic has also left a note that some exciting changes and features are coming soon. This means that we will have to keep a tab on updates for the next few weeks for interesting features.

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