How to save both fuel and money by activating this feature in Google Maps

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Google Maps stands out as one of the most widely utilized navigation applications in both India and across the globe. Recently, the technology giant introduced a new feature in India aimed at empowering Google Maps users to optimize fuel consumption.

So, how does this innovative feature operate? It incorporates a predictive function that evaluates fuel or energy efficiency for various routes, taking into account the specific engine type of your vehicle. Once activated, Google Maps factors in real-time traffic conditions, road statuses, and energy efficiency considerations to determine the most advantageous route. This goes beyond merely highlighting the quickest path; the application now identifies routes that are not only speedy but also the most fuel or energy-efficient, even when these options differ. You can also check your location history in Google Maps.

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For those looking to save fuel and money, activating this new feature in Google Maps is wise. To enable this functionality, follow the straightforward steps outlined below:


  1. Access the Google Maps application on your mobile device by launching the app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture or initials.
  3. Navigate to Settings and then tap on Navigation.
  4. Scroll down to “Route options.”
  5. To enable environmentally conscious navigation, select “Prefer fuel-efficient routes” by tapping on the designated option.
  6. To specify your engine type, tap on “Engine type” and make your selection.

Now, let’s explore how to use this feature effectively. You can also read about how to begin using emoji labels for your Saved Places.

Usage Steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Locate your destination by searching for it or tapping directly on the map within the Google Maps app.
  3. In the bottom left, tap “Directions.”
  4. In the bottom bar, swipe up.
  5. Tap “Change engine type.”
  6. Select your engine type.
  7. Tap “Done.”

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By following these steps, users can harness the power of Google Maps to find not only the fastest route but also one that is optimized for fuel or energy efficiency, contributing to both cost savings and environmental considerations.

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