15 Awesome Free Google Tools 

Free Google Tools

Google provides you with various marketing and creation tools that you can use to help your business flourish and grow in the commercial market. They are convenient to use and make your work easier by assisting you at every step, right from the point of inspiration to the creation, the launch, and the analysis of your results. 

So, whether you have a boutique, a publishing house, an escape room, or a cooking blog, you can utilize these tools and features to collaborate, create content, and communicate about your business on various online media to drive traffic and generate revenue for your franchise. 

Here is a list of the 15 awesome free Google tools that will come in handy for the same and help to increase your enterprise/idea’s brand awareness: 

1. Google Drive 

You might call Google Drive one of the most useful apps. It lets you connect your devices like phones, tabs, laptops, etc., and create, save, and share content anytime and anywhere. Your files, documents, and other stuff stay safe, and you get straightforward access to them, even when you are offline. Besides, you can also link it to other platforms like Cloud, Google Sheets, Docs, etc., to edit, save, and use different tools while working. Also, check out some of the advanced Google Drive Tips

2. Google Forms 

Google Forms allows you to create different kinds of surveys and questionnaires. It is beneficial for business and marketing because you can use it to gather registration data, email address lists, collect survey records, and many more. And the best part about this tool is its versatility. You can pick various colors and themes to design your survey. Also, it can order and group your collected data as graphs and charts for better result delivery. 

3. Google Classroom 

Using Google Classroom, you can gather administrators and educators to deliver different lessons in one place. The setup is easy to install, and you can share, save, and download study materials and notes and keep track of your submissions, performance, and assignment dates safely and in a hassle-free manner. Many educators and students use Google Classroom today to share excellent education and create a sense of learning between everyone. 

4. Google My Business 

GMB or Google My Business is a free pro-business tool by Google that helps you develop and promote your business on various online platforms. You can create your marketing profiles, share pics of your business or brand, and reach out to customers through their reviews. A personalized but underrated tool, you can utilize it to help your business ace better in the market and grow as a brand

5. Google Trends 

Marketers, business owners, and bloggers love this free tool. It allows you to examine and compare the popularity of various trending searches and keywords locally and globally. Easy to use and not time-consuming, you can select the category and area to make the search experience convenient and use the results to drive traffic to your website in easy steps. 

6. Google Drawings 

It is a newly introduced free tool by Google that you can use for designing graphic content. As a flexible drawing platform, it helps you create a wide variety of digital art that you can use to collaborate with other users by sharing and commenting. Although it is not professional graphic software, you can utilize it to implement your drawn pictures or logos on your blogs, documents, and websites in easy steps. 

7. Google Blogger 

You can publish your blogs using the free service tool Google Blogger. An ideal platform for starting your first blog, individual bloggers can gain more benefits here than marketers or business site owners. There are hundreds of free templates, flexible layouts, theme designs, color schemes, images, and other features that you can use to create your blog content and pages. 

8. Google AdSense 

Google AdSense provides you with an excellent way to earn some passive income from your niche website that, for some reason, did not turn out in the market as per your plans. All you have to do is place some ad codes in the header section, the content body, and the sidebar panel of your website to get started. So, instead of deleting your site that even gets less traffic, use AdSense to earn a few benefits from it. 

9. Google Alerts 

Use Google Alerts to stay updated with the news and trending topics, the word of your brand, and much more. It helps you stay on top of updates on the market dynamics and business around you. As simple as it can be, you only have to enter a search query to receive a sample of the possible search results for staying up to date with your competitors. And you also have the option to get these results delivered to your email account or RSS feed. 

10. Google Books 

A delight for all book lovers, Google Books has everything you would expect from an online book-reading tool. You can find millions of books in all genres in virtual format here, and some of them are even free to read for everyone. Also, if you are a writer, you should get your book listed and featured on this tool for better marketing perspectives for its campaigning. 

11. Google Analytics 

Considered the most powerful marketing tool, you can use Google Analytics to boost revenue and traffic for your business website. It allows you to learn various minute details about the users who visit your website and how you can increase their stay. From demographics to social engagement, mobile information, and even top content and traffic sources, you can get everything from this free tool that will help you promote your business to help it grow as a brand. 

12. Google Docs 

If you are looking for the perfect tool that will help you share spreadsheets, documents, drawings, presentations, and many more with other users, Google Docs is the right choice for you. From downloading PDFs and text documents to collaborating with others on a group project, you can do so much with it. It also lets you create forms and share them with others via email or a link to gather answers and save data. 

13. Google Insights 

If you are looking for a tool to help you search for keywords and their trends or which keywords are currently popular globally and domestically, Google Insights is the perfect tool where you can end your quest. Using it, you can also find out the related search trends associated with a keyword and even pick a region, month, or season to search by volume and get the top 10 related searches featuring it. 

14. Google Gadgets 

Google Gadgets is a superb tool if you wish to extend your website, Google account, or browser’s functionality. All you need to do is search for gadgets available at your disposal in the line of freebie Google Gadgets. Once done, you can pick out the gizmos organized into different categories like communication, marketing, lifestyle, politics, etc., according to your preferences and needs. 

15. Google Places 

Google Places is a tool that specializes in helping your local business to show up before organic search results. By using the right keywords, you can claim your position on Google Places and create a business account to encourage reviews and traffic to help it rank higher on the search page. Make sure to add images, contact details, Google map addresses, and other details to boost views and the tag of verified business by Google.  

Concluding Words 

There are countless other tools and apps from Google that can come in handy for you. We have only listed 15 such free platforms to help you get a preliminary insight into the topic. So now it is up to you to understand your preferences and pick out the ones that suit your needs and work. You can also research and experiment with other Google tools to make your tasks easier and your work experience convenient and stress-free in this era of digitization.

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