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Best Google Reviews Plugins for WordPress Website:

Whether you own a small restaurant, chain of coffee shops, small-scale fashion store, or a huge fashion brand, no matter the scale of your business, a customer is likely to look for you online and search for your reviews.

And when it comes to reviews, no one can ignore the most trustworthy review platform, Google review. Not only customers but even businesses also trust this platform and hence embed Google reviews on the websites to win the trust of their visitors.

So if you own a WordPress website and are looking for tools to ease your embedding process, then you are at the right place. For your convenience, we have listed 11 best Google review plugins that you can easily find on the WordPress app store and provide great results.

Best Google Reviews Plugins for WordPress Website:

There is no denying the fact that online reviews influence the buying decision of a customer. According to a recent study, 93% of customers make their buying decision based on the reviews they read online. Therefore, here are some amazing plugins that help you collect the reviews and embedding them into your website.

1. Google Reviews WordPress Plugin by Tagembed

Tagembed is a popular social media aggregator that is known for its smooth usage and economical pricing. It brings the same magic to its WordPress plugin. You can easily find the Google Reviews WordPress plugin by Tagembed on the WordPress app store and install it without hassle. The tool is free and provides a dedicated Google Review widget that beautifully displays reviews on your website.

Alongside Google review, it is also compatible with 15+ social media platforms. Hence, even if people are posting reviews on different platforms, you can still display them using this plugin.


  • Customization: The plugin allows you to change the font size, font style, background, etc., of the feed and match it as per the website. It makes the website graceful and appealing to visitors.
  • Responsive Feed: Visitors can use any device to visit your website. Hence you need to be ready for it, and this is where the plugin comes in handy. It provides a responsive feed that can adjust itself as per the screen size, so no matter what device your visitor is using, he can read the reviews without any trouble.
  • Moderation: It also provides the facility to hide reviews. With the help of this feature, you can hide negative reviews, but keep in mind that you don’t overuse this facility. You should appear transparent in front of your visitors, as it helps in enhancing your brand reputation.
  • Compatible with all media files: People often provide images or upload videos while posting reviews. Therefore the plugin is compatible in showing all the visual-based content without affecting the website’s speed.
  • Coding-Free: The plugin is very easy to install and operate. It is a coding-free tool. Hence even if you don’t have any coding experience or knowledge, you can handle the plugin with ease.
  • Custom CSS, Analytics, Real-time updates and more.

2. Widget for Google Review by

The plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it an easy-to-use plugin. It displays Google reviews for free within minutes. Moreover, the feed is crawlable and increases the SEO of your website.


  • Offers 35 widget layouts
  • Moderation
  • Boosts SEO
  • Easy to use and fast loading

3. WP Google Review Slider by LJ Apps

Sliders have been one of the best ways to showcase the reviews and information on the website, as they take less space and have less loading time. Moreover, you can embed sliders anywhere on the website. So your viewer can look at the product and its reviews at the same time. WP Google Review slider provides the Google Review Widget as a slider to showcase reviews beautifully.


  • Compatible to show images
  • Offers responsive grid and list widgets as well
  • Compatible with shortcodes
  • Custom CSS

4. Widget for Google Reviews by Radius Theme

This amazing plugin allows users to display google reviews and ratings in a list or grid view within a page post or widget. Moreover, it prevents loading time issues as it saves reviews in the WordPress database and does not depend on any service to display Google reviews.


  • Provides Responsive feed
  • SEO friendly
  • Real-time updates
  • Compatible with shortcodes

5. Widget for Google Review by RichPlugins

The plugin is one of the most trusted plugin on the WordPress app store. It offers a slides widget to showcase Google reviews on the website. Moreover, it is not dependent on any services and saves reviews in the WordPress database.


  • Shortcut Support
  • Trim long reviews into short and provides “read more” link
  • SEO friendly
  • Auto refresh reviews

6. Google Places Reviews by

The plugin helps in easily embedding Google reviews on the website. It displays the reviews using powerful and intuitive Google review widgets. The plugin allows displaying up to 3 business reviews per location.


  • Customization option
  • Active support

Offers various widget themes to add a charm to your website.

7. Reviews from Google by Adnan Usman

You can use this plugin to display Google reviews from your Google My Business page. Google reviews provide credibility to the brand and hence help you in converting your visitors into your customers. In addition, the plugin can cache all the reviews hence loads the reviews quickly and efficiently.


  • Allows to display 5 reviews from Google My Business page anywhere on the website
  • Compatible withshortcode
  • Customization options
  • Compatible to display visual-based content

Summing it up

No one can ignore the fact that reviews affect a customer’s buying decisions. And in this age of the internet, Google reviews stand tall as the most trusted platform. Hence, embedding Google reviews on the website is a smart strategy to win visitors’ trust and attain more sales. You can use the plugins mentioned above and display reviews on the website with ease. These plugins are easily available on the WordPress apps store and provide great results.

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