6 Advanced Google Drive Tips You May Not Know About

Best Features Of Google Drive

Most of us use the platform Google drive just to keep our files. Therefore, we may unknowingly end up not utilizing all the potential that google drive has to offer us. There are plenty of features of this cloud storage platform. The number of tools is many, and they are also helpful for your day-to-day job. In this article, we are going to present to you some of the best tips for using Google Drive.

6 Best Features Of Google Drive For Your Daily Use

1. Scan The Documents And Turn Them Into Pdf Documents

We can scan the documents and receipts directly into the space of Google Drive. In the android application widget, there is an option in the app itself called Scan. Using the scan button there, we can make sure that our documents get scanned and uploaded to the storage area.  After creating the scanned copy of the papers by the android application, it gets saved in PDF format. This feature is currently not available for iOS users.

2. Save The Webpages, Images, Documents, And Any Kind Of Files With Just The Right Click

Using the chrome extension called Save To Google Drive, we can save any kind of web page in our drive. This feature is also available for images, documents, and any type of file. With the right click, we can use this functionality.

3. Convert The Pdf Into The Word Documents

With just a click on the PDF documents available on the online storage provided by google drive, we can convert the pdf document into a writeable document form. It opens a window of Google Docs and uses the raw text format.

4. Change The File Type

There are many instances when we want to convert the extension of the files that are available on the cloud storage. During those cases, we can use the CloudConvert application to change the file type of the selected one.

5. Edit The Microsoft Word Files

Google Drive also has the functionality of editing Microsoft Word files. With just a click, we can edit them in the editor provided by the platform.

6. Turn On The Extra Security

With the add-on of Secure File Encryption, we can turn on the extra security for accessing the cloud storage. The uploaded files get encrypted, and access to those will require a password.

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