7 Productivity Tools to Maximize Time and Achieve Your Goals

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Productivity tools aid individuals in organizing their routines while also keeping them from logging into social media platforms. Hence, increasing their productivity.

Productivity is all about how you manage to complete your day’s work well within time while also saving time for tasks that are not work-related.

However, laziness is not always to be blamed for an unproductive day. Recently, I was unable to complete my work due to Internet downtime. Because it was the third time in a month, I changed the provider. Now that I have subscribed to Charter, the Spectrum Internet speed testalways displays a steady speed and causes no inconvenience.  

Anyhow, if the Internet is not the issue, you can use the following tools to maximize your productivity.


Founded in 2011, Beeminder is a recent invention. But so is the concept of productivity tools. It is more of a motivational tool that allows the users to visualize their goals and set targets for themselves. Some of the examples for which you can use this app include you wanting to spend more time in the gym, or you having a wish to stay away from social media. Apart from that, you can also use this app if you want to meet a deadline for a project.

The app will set the necessary timeline for you while also allowing you to reduce your distractions.


Toggl is older than Beeminder and was founded in 2006. This tool allows users to track their time online. The software aims at assisting the freelancers, consultants as well as graphic designers. One of the benefits that users will have if they choose this service is their access to a generous amount of free tier usage of the software.

You can keep a track of all your activities using Toggl and at the end of the day analyze if you spent your time wisely. Toggl can work on any of your devices including tablets, computers and mobile phones. The service is easy to use. And aids users to keep a track of their time effectively.


Perhaps the oldest of time tracking software is Evernote. The users can do the following by using the app:

  • Capturing information
  • Organize information
  • Find information

All of the above-mentioned across various platforms.


Todoist launched in 2007 in England. It is more of a project management tool that allows the users to keep track of the various projects that they are working on. However, only small and medium-sized businesses should consider their use. The sad part is that it is not free. The users get to select from a three-tier pricing scheme:

  • Free
  • Premium
  • Business

The best part about Todoist is that it is cross-platform software. Apart from that, it offers excellent features to the users. Not only this but the users also get access to natural language input apart from productivity reports. It is one of the best software for creating a to-do list.


Founded in 2015, Freedom has gained popularity amongst users. This software offers a digital distraction solution to the people who always find themselves tied to social media. You do not just get support on one but multiple devices if you employ the use of this software. Hence, blocking distractions across all your devices. And allowing you to focus more on work when you should.

You can block distractions on your mobile phone, computer, laptop and even tablets using this software. But after you select from the three pricing models the one that best suits you. Users who decide to sign up for the service have to choose between monthly, yearly and lifetime payment models. The best part is that once you select the apps that you wish to block, the app will block it across all your devices.


Noizio came out in 2014. As the name suggests, the app has something to do with sound. Well if you have not heard of this concept before, then you will be surprised to learn. Noizio offers the users some relaxing music so that they can focus more on their work. It might sound odd or funny but it is true. You have a choice between thirty sounds. And the liberty to select any one of the thirty sounds all of which are sounds from nature to help you relax. Because a relaxed mind can focus better on the tasks. Hence, becoming more productive.


The name might confuse you but this is an abbreviation for If This Then That. Funny, isn’t it. This free service can help you increase your productivity. Also, IFTTT is considered to be a great connectivity platform around the globe. The platform helps the users organize themselves in such a way that it automates the Internet tasks for them.

If you think that any of the above-mentioned apps/software can help you increase your productivity, do not wait. Subscribe to the best one. Using platforms like IFTTT can even remind you if you have some pending work. For example, I use it to remind me about my Spectrum pay bill by phone or groceries that I have to buy, etc. Hence, aiding me to organize my life.

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