How to post Twitter Fleet, view and delete it

How to post Twitter Fleet

Twitter has started testing for Instagram stories like feature and named it as Twitter Fleet feature in India. This features has been released for both Android and iOS devices and currently available to limited customers only. Now, if you want to check if your Twitter account have got this feature, we have shared the step by step guide how to check Tweet fleet feature in your device.

According to Twitter this fleet feature has been introduced to empower more people to express their thoughts freely. As, the Fleets posted by a user can only be viewed in closed space or more precisely people who follow. Along with that these tweets will automatically disappear after 24 hours. While there will be no Likes, Retweets, or public replies to these tweets.

Hope you are wondering how to try this new fleet feature of Twitter, here we have shared our step-by-step guide for you.

How to create new Twitter Fleet

  • Open Twitter app
  • On the top left of screen tap the avatar icon i.e. your profile
  • A new page with the message “Share a fleeting thought…” will appear on the screen
  • Type your message or thoughts that you want to share with your followers
  • You have the option to also add photos and GIFs in your Twitter Fleet post
  • To post the fleet Tap on the Fleet button.

How to view Twitter Fleets shared by users

  • Open Twitter app
  • Tap on the avatar of a Twitter user whose Twitter Fleet you want to see
  • To see other Fleets from the same account swipe down to scroll through.
  • Now to view Fleets from other accounts you follow, just Swipe left or right to jump to their account fleet.

How to delete a Twitter Fleet

  • Open Twitter app
  • Tap on your Avatar
  • Swipe up to see your old Twitter Fleets
  • After the Fleet text Tap on ‘…’
  • From the popup menu select Delete Fleet option

Let us know in the comment section if you are able to use Twitter fleet yet, as it is available to limited users only.

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