How to mute Twitter Fleets from Twitter account

How to post Twitter Fleet

Twitter rolled out the Twitter fleet feature recently to empower more people to express their thoughts freely. Now, there are few users who do not want to get notified with Twitter Fleets posted by each user. But Twitter currently does now allow users to turn off Fleets and disable others Fleets from appearing in their account. But we have a workaround to achieve it.

As, the Twitter Fleets posted by a user can only be viewed in closed space or more precisely people who follow. Along with that these tweets will automatically disappear after 24 hours. There is one option to mute the Fleets with just one limitation. Twitter also does not let users mute entire Fleets channel altogether, that leaves just muting the Fleets one-by-one manually as the new one arrives.

However, if you have not yet used this feature click here to read How to post Twitter Fleet, view and delete it. Here in this article we have shared the step-by-step guide for you on how to mute fleets from your Twitter account. Before we follow the steps make sure you have the latest version of Twitter app on your device.

How to mute Fleets in Twitter

  • Open Twitter app on your device
  • From the top tap and hold on any Circle to see a popup menu option
  • Choose Mute @account name from the popup option
  • Choose Mute Fleets option to mute Fleets from that account.
  • To mute fleets from other accounts you need to repeat the same steps

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