How to remove fake followers in Twitter?

Every social networking site is flooded with a lot of fake users. The fake accounts are created so rapidly every moment after moment in sites such as Twitter. If you own an account in the micro-blogging site, you might have observed that you are somehow getting followers daily for no reason. Here’s where you require our help. Yes, we are going to share you an easy way on how to remove fake followers in Twitter.

While it is important to have followers, it is also very wise to hold only the real followers, because, your tweet requires a few retweets and likes to reach out to the people. But, you cannot open the followers list and block them one by one manually.

How to remove fake followers in Twitter?

ManageFlitter is the best option to remove followers in Twitter, but its services come at a price. You will have to upgrade to the pro account which will cost you $12 per month. Once enabled, the ManageFlitter will scan your followers list every month to spot the fake accounts so as to block them one after the other.

There is an easy way to save your money. After upgrading to the pro account at $12 price, remove all the fake accounts at once and then cancel your account in ManageFlitter.

There are many free ways to remove your fake followers in Twitter, but we did not find anything working. However, let us know if we are missing anything by commenting in the comments section below. Also share us your experience on this tutorial. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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