Simple SEO Strategy to Improve Organic Traffic by 2019

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Google has made it clear several times that the two most important ranking factors are, and will continue to be, content and links to your website.

For those planning a 2019 SEO strategy, our suggestion is that you think of 2020 when creating your content and the code that underpins it, along with designing a content marketing plan that solves your industry’s problems, and therefore, attracts links, mentions, and quotes organically.

For content, take your content writers and web developers to a room and ask the following questions:

  • Are the pages on our site the most professional and easiest to navigate, regardless of device or internet signal speed?
  • Do our pages perform well with Google’s testing tool, which includes mobile, desktop, and speed insights?
  • Are we using page acceleration services and technologies, such as a content delivery network (CDN), or using AMP for mobile users?
  • Does our page better solve our ideal customer’s problem by comparing it with pages that rank high on Google?
  • Are we maximizing the amount of structured markup we can offer on each page for Rich Snippets and Rich Cards?
  • Are our HTTPS pages standardized and protected from DDoS and malware attacks?
  • Do our pages offer enough diverse content, as well as exclusive videos, illustrations, and conclusions that really help?
  • Are our pages good enough for even a competitor to link to or cure a snippet of?
  • Have we done enough forensics to understand all the ways a visitor might come looking for us and have we built a taxonomy around this research?
  • Do we have a live content calendar that solves problems and helps users with the names of micro-influencers who plan to contribute?

Link Building Strategy 2019

  • Considering attracting links, take content writers and Digital PR teams to a meeting and ask the following questions:
  • Who are the individuals, companies, and influencers who often share or subscribe to competing content?
  • Who are our industry experts not currently employed by a competitor who can make brand ambassadors?
  • Have we contributed in one way or another to all websites in our industry or, if so, all regional websites?
  • What programs have we organized to donate time, expertise, or educate students at universities and startups?
  • What events do we schedule to contribute our top expert time to lectures or participate in discussion boards?
  • We have already completed authoritative work, such as a book or information product to build our authority in our industry.
  • Do we have an online authority guide for our products or affordable SEO service, such as a “Best Guide to…” that we can promote?
  • What tools or CRM are we using to find, keep to find, keep track of, and create reports from our link-earning efforts? (Buzzstream is our favorite)
  • Are we maximizing our social media profiles by being in our industry conversations and discussions happening every day, sharing cases, blog posts, and tips?
  • Does our website offer the best glossary of industry terms with illustrations, comments, and other resources that not even Wikipedia could compete against?

Weekly search optimization meetings are crucial in helping team members always seek improvement, and it is never advisable to hire one or more consultants to attend these meetings, especially if you initially hired them to create a complete strategic SEO plan.

2019 will see the winners of these SEO professionals who really are part of the inbound marketing community, following the industry news, subscribing to expert lists on Twitter, and groups where all the experts talk and interact. Be malleable, and receptive, and test absolutely everything. And some affordable SEO services are there, affordable SEO services for small businesses were very useful nowadays.

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