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Artificial Intelligence has the power to transform the way businesses create, manage and sustain social media marketing. That’s precisely why the pandits projected AI for social media to grow from $633 million in 2018-19 to over $2.1 billion in 2023. So, how do you use AI for social media?

Artificial intelligence is a key element of every popular social network you use daily. Facebook integrates advanced machine learning to cover everything from serving you content and recognizing your face in pictures to targeting users with compelling advertising.

  • Instagram, which FB owns, uses AI to promptly identify visuals. LinkedIn integrates AI to offer job scopes and recommendations. It suggests people you might want to connect with and provides specific posts in your news feed.
  • Snapchat too leverages another AI technology called computer vision’s power to track your overlay filters and features that move with your profile face in proper/real time.
  • Across every social media platform, machine learning and AI are regulating you can create content and place the ads you purchase in front of your followers and users.
  • AI does it on ways that aren’t fully transparent or discernible to marketers.

AI often functions behind-the-scenes of popular mediums, and entirely at the concerned company’s discretion. However, that doesn’t imply marketers and professionals can’t use AI for social media.

In fact, countless brands are leveraging AI in sync with social media marketing tools across numerous use cases.

The immediate impact

Running a successful and sustainable social media campaign necessitates serious perseverance and time. It involves keeping track of metrics like reach, engagement rate, click-through rate and lots more. Things can get really overwhelming if you don’t have sufficient tools at your disposal.

  • Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the social media and marketing landscapes. The very first use is finding relevant influencers.
  • Marketers must measure ROI of their campaigns and know to allocate their budget more efficiently. It’s an uphill task in today’s chaotic mix of influencer marketing.
  • This is where and why AI enters the frame. You can incorporate AI-powered systems to simplify and accelerate the process. Social Animal is a prominent example, which helps you connect with the best influencers and names in your niche, saving you time.
  • AI is instrumental in spotting fake influencers. They are all over the social media galaxy. It’s very difficult to segregate them from the genuine ones as they often post HD images and also have massive followings on social media.
  • The major difference between fake and genuine influencer is that the former has mostly bots following it instead of real users. However, sites like blastup give you organic likes and followers.
  • If a fake influence entangles you, you’ll lose money. In this case, AI can be your savior by separating the ‘grain from the chaff’.

Introduction of robotics

For the imminent and foreseeable future, you need to direct the current AI systems to do what you wish them to do. If your work requires heavy manual testing, optimization, tweaking, score keeping, and splitting, you must know the art and craft of managing AI robots, failing which you may become superfluous.

  • The social media AI tools and robots have appeared. For the last 2-3 years, most of the work in social media have been coming from AI-powered marketing and digital resources.
  • You have email testing and due optimization, web contest assessment and optimization, mobile testing and optimization, and recognition of behavioural data patterns along with ID.
  • ID includes both disenfranchised and best/satisfied customers. It also includes potential influencers and advocates.

Till now, social media has been conspicuously immune to machine learning effects. You can undergo organic testing of A/B on FB. Social ads have the scope for real-time touches and optimization.

There are AI-powered tools that implement a dizzying throng of DMP accords and data inputs to create hugely specific and targeted content pieces inside a landing page, home page, or email.

Blending it with AI

Brands are already incorporating AI in social media and in surprising manners at times. Basically, chatbots provide improved customer service, handle smaller problems while leaving bigger customer complaints or queries to customer service representatives.

  • So, AI has streamlined customer experience for your social media business. It can become more diverse and granular to locate potential scopes for user engagement.
  • There are premier companies that have developed cutting-edge AI applications to track social trends alongside a user’s history of present/recent posts.
  • It predicts his/her engagement level, recommends specific content and generates relevant social media posts.
  • Another social media behemoth called Pinterest acquired AI services to facilitate personalized modeling of recommendation. It now uses data to provide extensive product recommendations and advises to Pinterest users.
  • LinkedIn uses AI to evaluate location, hiring patterns, work experience and auxiliary data for helping candidates.
  • While integrating AI with social media marketing or engagement, you need to keep certain things in mind.
  • There are numerous AI solutions. Hence, it’s crucial to use the one that’s vital to your brand.
  • When you pilot an AI tool, that project must connect to your brand’s core, resulting in optimization of results and adding value to your company.
  • Don’t underestimate AI that facilitates or boosts B2B sales.

Outgrowth predictions

The different questions pertaining to different brands are manageable through machine learning software and algorithms.

  • When users share their opinion through email or comments, you use AI mechanism to automatically reply to that person.
  • There are various algorithms to sort suggestions and requests. AI tools classify every request, evaluating them as a query, complaint or a suggestion.
  • By dint of these automated methods, marketers and social media operators can handle any circumstance in a stabilized and smart way.
  • AI has improved social listening process to a great extent. The method tracing online conversations on the basis of particular phrases, brands or words is called social listening.

AI gathers that data to write targeted content for specific customers. You also find lucrative job opportunities across social media platform. Social listening helps you to effectively interact with your audience/customers and design marketing campaigns that resonate with them.

Do, let us know your thoughts on Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Campaign With AI.

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