Tips for creating personalized content that remains most relevant to the audience

Tips for creating personal content

After the recent turmoil in the SEO space caused by Google’s broad core update in June 2019, the focus is on content again.  Although there is no known remedy to fix the problems that the websites are facing ever since the rollout of the core update one thing has become very clear that whatever needs to be done to recover from the sudden dip in ranking it must come from content only. Content had always been in focus, but perhaps its importance has gone up many more times in the present context.

What kind of content will please the audience and connect with them quickly is what you must find out first, and this brings us to the most important point that content must be relevant to the audience. Only when content is relevant that it can be useful and convey value. With user experience being an uncompromising agenda, every marketer must provide the best user experience by creating the most relevant content that gives them better service experience. 

Determining what content would be relevant for the audience can be quite challenging because the expectations between brands and consumers differ greatly. There is a huge gap in the perception of relevance between the way consumers look at it and the way the brand comprehends it. An assessment conducted by brands about the acceptance level of content shows that only 19% of consumers feel that the content is irrelevant. On the other hand, almost 84% of consumers find that the content or brand message is not at all relevant to them. Giving the benefit of the doubt to consumers and rightly so, this should be a serious concern for marketing and marketing services because it clearly shows that consumers ignore the majority of the messages. And this can severely damage the bottom line as consumers do not hesitate to switch brands if they find the messages or content irrelevant.

In this article, we will discuss how to create relevant and concise content that enjoys wide acceptability.

Why personally relevant content?

You must judge relevance in the context of the audience or more particularly individuals, which make it imperative to create personally relevant content. Such content holds huge opportunities for businesses because by messaging the most relevant piece of information to consumers, it becomes easy to win their trust and loyalty. Personally, relevant content can help to improve the key metrics across the board. For increase retention by 5%, the resultant profit increase could be in the range of 25% and 95%.

Let us now look at the ways of creating personally relevant content.

In pursuit of personally relevant content

First and foremost, it is important for you to realize what kind of content or messages the audience would find relevant at a personal level. There is no simple answer for this, but it depends on your understanding of the audience that should help to ascertain the factors that can enhance your relevance to them. In fact, there are five factors to consider which, when addressed properly, will help you to identify the most relevant content for your audience.

The audience to target

The audience that you want to address could consist of a variety of people belonging to different stages of the purchasing funnel. Some may just be exploring your products; some others may have advanced a few steps and somewhere at the middle of the funnel while some others may be at the advanced stage of buying having almost made up their mind. As you can understand, to make the message most relevant, you must have different sets of messages for each type of audience. The more you know about the audience that you want to target and better understand their needs, the easier it becomes to create content accordingly. Analyzing the behavioral data of the audience helps to segregate them into different groups according to their interests that make personalization easier for you.

Once you know what you want to achieve and who you must communicate with to achieve it, you can build the logic to identify the messages with which to target your consumers.

When to begin an interaction

When to communicate with the audience is as important as with whom you communicate. The timing is critical to maintaining the relevancy of content.   To get personal with the audience, you must spot instances that allow you to interact with them at the right time. For example, when a message triggers within the app whenever the consumer takes or do not take any action like an abandoned flight search.   Triggers help to establish a context of the communication that clearly makes it relevant instead of looking intrusive and often appearing as spam.

For targeted message, to decide on the optimal time of communication, you must depend on behavioral data that points to time you can communicate with the audience without causing any interruption. Catching your customer at the most appropriate time of the day is a sure shot way of staying relevant.

The type of content for personalization

Having got the answers to the questions which should receive your content and when you must focus on which portions of the content can be relevant and personalized. Personalization can take many forms with the simplest being using the user’s first name in the message and can go to the extent of using local language that resembles user’s default language and seems so close and personal to them. Achieving this level of personalization gives consumers a feeling of belonging to a specialized individual segment.

Where to interact with customers?

What kind of device users are most fond of and feel most comfortable to use for interacting with others is another very important point that you must consider. You must know which device and channel would be best for reaching out to customers. Whether sending pushup notification on their mobile phone would be better than sending e-mail to their desktop or using some other means of connecting with them is something that you must carefully decide. When you combine the above factors, you get the best chance of maximizing your reach by staying relevant.

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