What the searches in Google reveal about Human Psyche?

searches in google

Lately, the studies have shown that the scrolling through the Instagram or Facebook will leave the people lonely and depressed. But according to Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, former Google data scientist, you should not allow the social media to make you feel bad about your life. For his Ph.D. in Economics, he had spent five years sifting through the Google Search Data.

He has told that this experience made him feel less insecure about his own life and more compassionate about others. He believes that the searches in the internet world provide a different insight into the human psyche as the people type several things into the search engine which they would never admit in a survey.

For instance, the statistics reveal more searches about pornography than the weather. But only a few admit watching the porn in surveys. One of the most important things which Google Searches tell us is how little sex people are having.

Stephens-Davidowitz says that there were signs revealed in the past that the voter turnout would be down for Hillary Clinton as the number of internet searches was down when compared to the previous election. And he also says that there is a correlation between the rise of U.S President, Donald Trump, and the racist internet searches.

It’s really clear in this data that racism played a huge role in Trump’s rise, even though people wouldn’t admit that.

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