How to find if an iPhone is Refurbished or New or Replacement Kind?

iphone new or refurbished or replacement

Unless you are a devotee of Android, you probably love iPhone like everyone else out there. But too much of something is always nothing. That’s why if you are an Apple gadget lover, chances are there for you to buy the iPhone or iPad blindly without examining it properly. What if you are going to spend a lot of dollars on a refurbished or any other device that is set for replacement?

In such cases, you cannot blame the company as the sellers are the one who should be educating you on the same. If you are someone like me, you should believe in a saying, “never expect anyone to do anything for you.” The seller would obviously hide the information on refurbished ones and sell them as brand new devices. Because that’s how the world is today. We are living in a socially networked world filled with brutally selfish people. Therefore you should not wonder in case if are going to be fooled by the seller in such situations.

However, you can help yourself by educating yourself on the refurbished, replacement and new models of the iOS devices. Here in this post, we are going to guide you on how you can identify whether an iPhone is a refurbished or new or replacement model kind.

How to find if an iPhone is refurbished or new or replacement kind?

  • It is very easy. All you will have to do is just navigate to Settings > General > About and have a glance at the model number of the iPhone.
  • Specifically speaking, you should have a look at the first letter of the model number. Yes the first letter would give you a lot of information.
  • Listed below are what each of the first letter means:
    • M: New
    • F: Refurbished
    • N: Replacement
    • P: Personalized

Now that you have this information, you have got all the rights to negotiate to obtain your iPhone for a lower price if it carries a refurbished or replacement model number.

We hope this tutorial will help you in deciding the price of the iPhone you are gonna buy. However share us your concerns and views in the comments section below.

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