Amazon India announced latest skills for Alexa available across different categories

latest skills for Alexa

Amazon India announced recently that the company has integrated more than 1000 Alexa skills ever since the launch of Alexa Store and Echo devices in India on October 31. It means that the total number of skills that are currently available for the Indian Alexa users are around 12000. The company says that at least one skill is added for every 90 minutes.

We know that Alexa will think for herself and have her own opinions. But, the latest skills are available across Lifestyle, News, Business & Finance and Health categories. The skills highlighted by the company contains the likes of Merriam-Webster Word of the Day and Rock Paper Scissors in addition to others.

As per the latest claim by Amazon, in just 60 days after launching the Alexa in India, the company has added around 1000 new Alexa skills for the users of Echo in the country. The store already had around 11,000 skills which are provided by developers like Zomato, ESPNCricinfo, Saavn and Ted Talks. The e-commerce giant believes that AWS Cloud Support and the natural language understanding by the company lets the Alexa to adapt to more new skills easily every day.

To enable any skill, the users can navigate to the Alexa app and browse for skills. Then, click on Enable to activate the skills on their devices. The users can also choose to ask the Alexa directly by saying, “Alexa, enable” to enable any skill. For Apple and Google users, there is Alexa companion app that is available from the respective stores. It is also available on the PC browsers.

A team from Alexa has also been conducting workshops for the developers in Indian cities to increase the range of its users in India. Because we know Alexa can help you microwave your dinner now.

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