Amazon Alexa App in India is finally a reality now

amazon alexa app in india

Amazon Alexa app in India is finally a reality now. It is available for both the iOS and Android users. The company is rolling it out in India because you will need the app to setup the Echo speakers which will be shipped to the customers later in this week.

Alexa App is known for its ability to add new skills, create new routines, monitor your previous requests and change the settings instantly. It can also be used in productive purposes such as setting up a to-do list when you’re out for shopping. This will be really helpful for those of you who want to create lists by conversing with a voice assistant.

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Before the launch of Echo, the Amazon joined hands with companies and brands to develop the Indian specific skills and that list includes Times of India, Syska, Sportskeeda, Saavn, Ola, NDTV and much more. You can let the Alexa read the news for you hereafter using any of the Echo speakers.

For music lovers, the current available options include TuneIn, Saavn and Amazon Music. However, it will take a time for the Echo to fine tune everything perfectly and that’s why you must expect certain bugs in the device and the app as well. But, do not worry. The Amazon is known for fixing such issues and treating every customer as God is their tagline.

The Amazon Alexa app has also an option to setup the Amazon Tap which is not in available in the sub-continent as of now.

Looks like we have another new voice assistant in India to help us in our daily activities. However, share us your views on the Amazon Alexa App in the comments section below. For your convenience, we are adding the links to download from the PlayStore and AppStore below.

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