Alexa will think for herself and have her own opinions

Alexa will think for herself

At present, a serious competition is going on between the Alexa and Google Assistant in the market. Both the Google and Amazon are trying to make their digital assistants smarter day after day by introducing new features. The latest talk in town is that the Alexa can now think for herself. Wow, sounds interesting, isn’t it? It means that the Amazon’s voice assistant will soon be able to have opinions of her own on the things that you care about.

Amazon is going to introduce it in the home entertainment and living room scenarios where the Alexa will provide more than just information to its consumers. For instance, you can start with what’s popular on TV right now or you can even ask whether what she would like us to watch. You should consider the Alexa’s replies’ as personal recommendations by her.

The company explains this feature that the introduction of this feature will fill in the gap between the voice assistants and the world. So far, we rely on the Voice Assistants mostly to answer only our queries. Therefore it will be interesting to see if what the voice assistant thinks about certain things in our life.

Amazon Fire TV VP Marc Whitten said in CES 2018, “Having an opinion makes you more interesting.”

The introduction of this new feature on Alexa means that you will now be able to ask “What’s interesting tonight?” or “What should I watch?”

Whitten continued,

This is the 2018 version of the video buff at the video rental store. This is the power of machine learning. One of the most interesting things we’re going at is how do you design an assistant that feels like you’re having a conversation with someone.

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