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Amazon wants Alexa in every room of your house. Yes, you heard that right, even in your kitchen. From this week, Alexa is just going to get smarter in terms of the cooking skills. The company added cooking to the list of the Smart Skills APIs, a feature which will work with the microwave ovens.

Amazon has already been working with companies like Whirlpool to add the functionality to its microwave ovens. However, these devices are currently listed as “coming soon”. So we can expect some of them to be showcased at the CES 2018 event. You might want to read on What to expect from CES 2018 event to know more about it.

The new skills are mostly what you would expect on an Alexa-enabled microwave. You might have to use the commands like “Alexa, microwave for 50 seconds on high” or “Alexa, defrost three pounds of chicken”.

Even if this new fancy kitchen thing is introduced very soon, we can expect it to have some minor drawbacks. But, you will not have to worry. The company will address them at the earliest. Because, the Alexa you know is getting smarter day after day and is giving tough competition to other voice assistant like Google Assistant and Siri.

Share us your views on the Amazon’s efforts to make your cooking in kitchen more interesting using the Alexa’s integration to devices like microwave ovens. We would like to discuss on the same with you in the comments section below.

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