What to expect from CES 2018?

what to expect from ces 2018

It’s been only a few days after Christmas, but we all are still in a holiday mood and making plans for the new year. By the time you read this post, there are chances that you have already celebrated the new year and are reading it in 2018. You must have bought a set of gadgets during the holiday season like a phone with a full screen display or a dual camera smartphone. Because as predicted by us, the 2017 really was an year for the dual camera gadgets.

The full screen display mobiles made their entry later by following the path of Samsung flagship smartphones. Even the iPhone and Pixel 2 XL which are made by Apple and Google sport a full view display at an aspect ratio of 18:9.

Well, that was 2017. And what’s going to win our hearts in 2018? I mean to ask you whether which new feature in smartphones will be a huge deciding factor to purchase a smartphone or not. We will know the answers in a few days as the CES event is just around the corner.

What to expect from CES 2018?

As usual, the CES event would take place in January as well from 9th of the month and will go on till 12th. To bring in more hype, we can expect several big announcements to take place before January 9. Though some are of the opinion that the CES has lost its charm over the years because of the events like Mobile World Congress that is set to take place in the month of February, one cannot deny the fact that it kickstarts the mood for all the companies in the world. Major companies like Samsung saving it’s important announcements for its own events are also a big blow for the events like CES.

However, we have come up with our expectations and a list that will steal the limelight at the CES event in January 2018.

Smart Home

In 2017, the Smart Home devices like the Google Home and Amazon Echo not only dominated the show at CES 2017, but also have made automating our home appliances a reality. Even this year, you can expect the same thing to be followed. Since Smart Home devices are in a larger focus, you can expect other companies like the Kwikset, Ring, Canary, August to also showcase what they have got in store.

smart home ces 2018

As the Smart Home devices let us to control everything from the locks to thermostats to vacuums to lights, one should not wonder if these shifts the entire focus towards them. Last year, we witnessed a refrigerator that was powered by Bixby. This year, we can expect even more than that.

Smart Speakers

2017 will also remain as an year that made Amazon and Google as the leaders in the category of smart speakers. All thanks to its Google Assistant and Alexa, these companies made listening to music more interesting. You could just invoke the assistant by their hot keyword and ask it to play more than just music. A few months after the launch, both the Amazon and Google started supporting the third party speakers.

google home max
In the Image: Google Home Max Speaker

This was followed by the introduction of smart speakers like JBL and Sony which provided far more sound quality than the Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers. One must also not forget the Cortana as a voice assistant and therefore shouldn’t get surprised to see any new speaker powered by the Microsoft’s voice assistant at CES 2018.

In the Image: Amazon Speaker powered by Alexa

Looks like the Google is also preparing so much for this event. The company has booked a couple of spaces in and around the Las Vegas Conventional Center which in a way tells us that the Assistant powered devices and DayDream VR might have something new in store for us.

Virtual Reality

In the past couple of years, the Virtual Reality has been one of the main attentions at the CES events. Even the industry has sidelined a bit towards the VR and AR, all thanks to the launches of the smartphones in 2017 that support the VR.

virtual reality nausea motion sickness

Just like the last year, we can expect Qualcomm making more efforts to showcase its VR powered Snapdragon 835 Dev kit which is already being used by some big names like Oculus Go. We can also expect the Google’s DayDream to grab some eyeballs during the event.

Since the major players like Apple has introduced features like Animoji that are powered by the Augmented Reality, we can expect such similar announcements at CES 2018 as well.

Wearable Devices

One of the main advantages of the wearable devices is that it will let you track your body activities and health. There were rises and downs in the category of wearable devices, because sometimes a lot of people buy it and sometimes nobody just don’t even bother about it. Still, we can expect every company showcasing their wearable gadgets at CES 2018 as they are the future.

huawei fit fitness watch

Major players like Fitbit in this arena and a few other mobile companies will be present at the event to showcase their wearable gadgets. The past few years at the CES events also gave us the launches and introductions of Android wear devices from companies like LG and Motorola. CES 2018 is not going to change much in that regard.

Mobile Phones

CES is not a show that is centralized only on the mobiles with the Mobile World Congress about to take place in February. Still, we can expect all the companies to showcase their products here at the event except the Apple. Since the Snapdragon 845 has been introduced, we can witness a few new flagships powered by this new processor.

Moto X4 Review

Sony is one of the companies who rely much upon the CES events to showcase their smartphone products. There is also a rumour that a Sony device that is powered by the Snapdragon 845 could be announced at the event. Companies like the Huawei might use this event to showcase the smartphones that have already been introduced like MediaPad M5 and Mate 10.

Other things to expect at the CES 2018

  • Since the automotive products are also increasing their presence at the CES events, we can expect few new announcements from companies like Toyota and Ford.
  • Another thing to be noticed would be the Robotics.
  • TVs that could support 4K, 8K and more Ks’ will also make an appearance.

These are our expectations on the CES 2018 event. What about yours? Share us them in the comments section below.

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